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5 Tips For Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

choosing a personal injury attorney

Choosing a personal injury attorney to effectively represent you after an accident can be a confusing process.  You want a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you.  A lawyer with your interests in mind. If you don’t already know someone, it can be hard to decide which lawyer to hire when first looking.   […]

The On-Going Reality of Windshield Bias

windshield bias

Whenever a news story about cycling is posted on a local news site across the country the comments below it inevitably contain a well worn litany of drivers berating cyclists.  The specific incident in the cycling crash news story itself has limited significance to the views expressed.  Among other tropes, the reaction invariably includes a […]

Idaho Polaris RZR Fire Lawyers

Polaris RZR Fire

Polaris RZR fire injury claims continue to mount as these recreational off-highway vehicles (“ROV”) have ongoing issues with catching fire.  As noted in the September 19, Idaho Statesman recently near Weiser Idaho a Polaris RZR fire led to the death of a 23 year-old passenger and serious burn injuries to the 52-year-old owner and driver. […]

Calculating The Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

value of your personal injury claim

There are many variables that impact the value of your personal injury claim.   It is not possible for a good personal injury attorney to provide you reliable information about on how much money you have a right to recover early on in the process. And good Idaho personal injury lawyers do not pretend they can. […]

5 Reasons Insurance Companies Say “Claim Denied”

claim denied

You might hear “claim denied” from an insurance company for a number of, sometimes questionable, reasons. After a collision, most people want to get the insurance claim processed and without headaches. The just want to move on with their lives. Insurance company denial complicate things. Issues Regarding Liability One of the reasons insurance companies deny […]