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Comparative Responsibility, Idaho’s 50/50 Rule and Protecting Yourself

Comparative Responsibility Idaho's 5050 Rule and Protecting Yourself

If the insurance adjuster for your injury claim mentions “comparative responsibility” or a “percentage of fault” to you its time to watch out.  He is trying to take money out of your pocket. Idaho has a law on the books that the insurance company  is trying to use against you. .  The idea behind this […]

Hepworth Holzer Prevails In “Stop As Yield” Appeal

Hepworth Holzer Prevails In Stop As Yield Appeal

This is a copy of the OPINION ON APPEAL in Case No. CR01-19-29825.  The Judge on appeal avoids the problem of windshield bias. STATE OF IDAHO, PIaintiff-Respondent, vs, ELIZABETH L. HILTON, Defendant-Appellant. ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF-RESPONDENT: JANICE M. BELLER (City Of Boise) ATTORNEY FOR THE DEFENDANT-APPELLANT: KURT HOLZER (Hepworth Holzer, LLP) I. NATURE OF THE […]

The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck-on-vehicle accidents—while less common than other collisions—are far more dangerous for everyone involved. In this article, we review why this is, what the most common causes of truck accidents are, and why you need to call an experienced personal injury attorney if you or a loved one is injured by a semi-truck driver. Trucks pose […]

The Contingency Fee: Providing Access To Justice For Injured Idahoans

Contingency fee

The contingency fee or “No fee unless you win” allows many people who otherwise couldn’t do so obtain access to legal services.  In the many years our Idaho personal injury attorneys have represented injured people, few clients have wanted us to work on hourly fee instead of a contingency fee at the outset of a case.   […]

Hepworth Holzer Obtains Five Million Dollar Judgment In Idaho Drunk Driving Case

Hepworth Holzer Obtains Five Million Dollar Judgment In Idaho Drunk Driving Case

As reported in the Idaho Press, BSR Ventures dba Advanced Heating and Cooling accepted judgment against it for $5 million to compensate the four adult daughters of Cheryl Miller of Dietrich Idaho who was killed by Advanced’s employee Larry Halbert in a drunk-driving crash in 2017. Our firm represented the Miller family in this wrongful […]

10 Tips About Social Media Posts For Injured People

social media tips

We have developed 10 social media tips for injured people to help them protect their injury claim. We all know, social media is now a way of life for many people. Worldwide, Facebook has over 2.2 billion users .  Almost half of users aged 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up.  These days sharing […]