Referring and Associating Attorneys
Referring and Associating Attorneys
Referring and Associating Attorneys

Trust Our Idaho Personal Injury Law Firm

The lawyers of Hepworth Holzer, LLP have worked, and are working, with lawyers from across the country. We have represented clients in courtrooms throughout the nation and even internationally. There is no greater compliment than to have our peers trust that, when they refer a client to us, the client will be well-served. Our team of experienced injury trial lawyers is focused on providing every client with effective, ethical, and compassionate legal representation. We understand that attorneys looking to associate with, or refer cases t,o an Idaho injury law firm seek other attorneys who uphold high ethical and client-focused standards. We believe every client deserves exactly that commitment. It is gratifying that we regularly receive referrals from local Idaho attorneys, judges, insurance adjusters, and from attorneys located all across the United States. Personal injury cases can be complex and often involve high risk and a substantial investment of time. Our firm has a long history of working with other lawyers to help maximize recovery and minimize risk.

Our Promise to Referring Attorneys

We are proud to be attorneys that other lawyers turn to when their clients need personal injury representation. Your referred client will receive:
  • The same client-focused service that we provide to all of our clients
  • Easily accessible lawyers available to address client questions and concerns
  • Straight-talk to help client understand the real strength (and weaknesses) of their potential case
  • Professional and efficient representation
  • The respect and courtesy they deserve
  • An unmatched level of experience and success in Idaho injury litigation
When you are considering sending a client to another firm, you want to be certain that the arrangement will be in your client’s best interests. We commit to you that if we agree to take a referred case or work with you, your client’s interests will be well-served. We invite you to review our representative cases and our attorney profiles to learn more about our experience and history of success.

Why Refer a Case to Hepworth Holzer?

Law firms work with Hepworth Holzer for many reasons. We commonly receive referrals when:
  • An attorney who practices in another discipline wants to benefit from our experience in personal injury areas of law including specialties like medical negligence.
  • Local lawyers have clients seeking help for claims that lawyer is not comfortable handling.
  • A sole practitioner or smaller firm cannot dedicate the time, resources and financial investment necessary to litigate a complex cause of action.
  • An out-of-state lawyer needs an Idaho counsel to take over a case in our state.
  • A lawyer who is licensed in another State needs to partner with an Idaho licensed lawyer to handle a claim with significant Idaho contacts.

Attorneys Who Partner With Hepworth Holzer will find:

  • Organized, responsive and focused representation – Our attorneys and staff work in a positive environment that is organized and responsive. We will keep you as a team member fully in the loop about case strategies and progress.
  • Resource Availability – Our firm has the capacity to deal with complex litigation and resource intensive causes of action. We have the skills and the knowledge needed to litigate complicated cases successfully.
  • Dedicated attorneys – You want to know your referred client is well cared for. Our dedicated attorneys are focused on achieving results and consider the client’s wellbeing as essential to the process.
  • Experience – Because we primarily focus on significant personal injury cases, our lawyers have the experience necessary to reach optimal outcomes. We remain up to date on developments in the law and our attorneys regularly teach seminars and law school classes about various PI and trial law topics.

Let’s Talk About Your Idaho Personal Injury Case

To discuss a referral or partnership arrangement with Hepworth Holzer, LLP call any of us at 208-328-6998 .Or just fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you.

Please contact us to discuss a referral or partnership arrangement.

Referring and Associating Attorneys