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Relationships with clients are the foundation of the our personal injury litigation success. The opportunity to serve our clients is what drives us to practice the law we practice.   It is heart-warming that many of them reach out and tell us and the world about their experiences.  Here is what clients have said about our lawyers and Firm:


John Kluksdal was extremely helpful in my efforts to attain compensation for a disability I incurred while hospitalized.  He was always available, always guiding as my family and I navigated towards a settlement.  His great insight and calm reassurance helped us know we were on the right path and doing all the right things.  We appreciate all his efforts and are grateful he chose to help us every step of the way.

                                                                                                             W.R. Kaisler


Great firm, with honest and ethical people who work hard to represent the interests of their clients. John Edwards was recommended to me after the person who hit my car’s insurance company wouldn’t return my calls once I said I was having vision problems. I called, met John, and he and his team made a difficult and stressful process much simpler. I would highly recommend John, and can’t say enough about his amazing paralegal Katy Oman. I was able to focus on myself, my job, my family, and my health.

Johanna Phillips


When life catches you on the bias, you want these people by your side. They showed me more patience and compassion than I deserved, and I love them for that. Please consider this firm. They will take care of you.

Deg Ogz


Three and a half years ago my knee was shattered in a ski crash when a piece of my new equipment broke. Three surgeries and an incredible amount of rehab later I’m back on my feet, riding my bike and living my life, but it was a long ordeal. The manufacturer and their insurance carrier were impossible for me to deal with, but Kurt Holzer was able to get them into Idaho courts where they had to answer. Finally, a week before trial date we had a successful and satisfactory resolution in mediation. Kurt coached me through the whole process, educating me about what to expect and what to do. Kurt, Katie, Jenny and everyone else at Holzer Edwards were friendly, efficient and great to work with. Kurt was a real warrior in responding to numerous motions from the defendants (winning every one) and navigating negotiations. I could not be more satisfied. If you ever need someone to stand up for you, this is the place to go!

Robert Spencer


I would like to thank Mr. Edwards and his paralegal team for the wonderful job done when assisting me in my case. They were sincerely compassionate, informative, knowledgeable. They always took the time to explain what the process entailed, what our next steps were and answer any questions that I had. They were always very responsive to my call and emails. They were timely and efficient in getting my case resolved and proved what a benefit having a great law firm on your side.

Thanks again John and Jenny, you were absolutely wonderful to work with. I have and will continue to refer my friend and family to you in the unfortunate instance that they may need it!

Alison Prince


John & Katy were helpful through the whole process. Very professional, very capable. I would definitely contact them again if the need should arise.

Maria Castaneda


I was in a car accident about a 2 years ago and I had no idea what I was going to do. John Edwards came into my hospital room and told me how it was going to go down. He told me not to worry. After a few visits he told me that I may be eligible for a settlement. I explained that I didn’t need any money as long as my hospital bills are paid. Just after Christmas 2015 I received a call from John and a check had arrived for me!! I couldn’t have been any more pleased with this company. I know they worked very hard and I am just so grateful.

Shanti Bailey


My experience with (Hepworth Holzer) has been delightful. A strange word to describe a law office I know! John and his staff are professional, competent, and kind. I felt welcomed from the first moment I stepped into the office and feel the same way today after a year of working with them. I am grateful that John decided to accept my case and have referred him to others due to the respect and trust I have for him and his staff. Retaining a lawyer is smart, retaining (Hepworth Holzer) is brilliant! Thank you to John and his team! Sincerely, Lorrie

Lorrie Panzeri


I initially contacted the firm for advice, to determine if I even needed to pursue anything regarding my child’s injury claim. John Was very professional and informative. He gave me the advice I sought, and offered to represent my daughter. He was thorough, and kept me in the loop as things developed. I felt that he really did have my and my daughter’s best interest in mind as things progressed. I hope to never need services like this again, but if I do, I would be calling this firm first.

Vanessa St.Onge


Kurt is an amazing personal injury lawyer. He helped me resolve a lengthy and difficult case with patience, persistence, and compassion. He clearly has deep expertise in his field, and his vast experience here in Boise gives him connections, strategies, and insights that most lawyers here lack. Thanks to Kurt, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

Sam Johnson


Kurt Holzer and John Edwards’s expertise and kindness made a very difficult time much more manageable. I was relieved to know that they were handling all the legal matters, while I focused on healing. Throughout the lengthy process, they remained dedicated to my case and were available anytime I had questions or concerns. This experience, while unpleasant, has also brought me many gifts. In part, the opportunity to work with an amazing team, who share a commitment and passion for helping others like I have never seen. I have deep trust and great respect for these guys and highly recommend them to anyone in need. Holzer Edwards, Chartered is outstanding! The Best of the Best!

Rebecca C



John and Jenny were great to work with from beginning to end. This was the first time we’ve had to deal with an injury case and they made the process stress free which is pretty remarkable given the stressful nature of accidents and injuries. They walked us through it every step of the way and made it seem very easy from our end. Any time we had a question they would respond very promptly and professionally. Everybody in the office was extremely helpful and friendly. We would recommend this firm to anyone and if we ever need an injury lawyer again we will definitely use

Adam Mrachek


John Edwards was recommended to me by a very close family friend back in 2006 when we unfortunately had been slammed into at a stop sign by an individual that didn’t stop and ran into our rear end causing much damage to our car and my neck. Unbelievably as it may be another accident followed the following year by a driver that ran a red light while I was in the process of recovering from the first accident. I had to begin once and again a recovery process that took another two years to return to some of my normal life again. Their expertise was critical to the medical attention that I required and received without any stress to myself. After all I had enough on my plate just recovering. To know that you have the best attorneys with personal injury expertise is truly a comfort. And knowing that I had the support and care of John and Kurt, I could concentrate on my physical recovery. My recovery required several years of integrated medical care that I wouldn’t have received without their understanding of my personal condition and the physical challenges that occurred to me. They had my back and I received the care that I required to be able to return to the life that I had known. Unfortunately, just recently I was hit by a car while riding my road bike. The last thing I ever believed would happen to me as an experienced, conscientious and safe cyclist was to get hit unawares by an inattentive driver. While in the hospital with many physical challenges I knew that I would need the expertise of John and Kurt. I am in the process of recovering after many months of healing. The reassurance that I will be taken care of with this unfortunate accident is priceless. Not only have I have received the best medical care, I have received the best care from John and his conscientious staff while in the process of recovery from a truly terrifying accident. Their expert knowledge and experience has made a tremendous difference in the outcome of my future. Thank you John for your great care of me, you have made a difference in my life and as well for my family.

Anna Jenny


I was at the end of my rope. I was hit by a girl talking on the phone in her car while riding my bike home from work. She wouldn’t admit fault even though a court of law found her guilty so her insurance company would even answer my phone calls. A friend recommended Holzer Edwards to me so I called made an appointment to see John Edwards. He explained to me exactly how the process would play out and he was very honest and upfront about what I could expect. Turns out John really knows his stuff; I was able to leave the issue in his very capable hands and I was able to focus on the more important things in my life. My situation played out exactly as John had describe it would and it was resolved in the amount of time he said it would take. John took the stress and frustration out of my life that I was feeling trying to deal with it myself. If anything unfortunate happens again I will go straight to John I won’t even give the insurance company a chance. I highly recommend talking to John if you have been hurt and are dealing with a difficult insurance company

Bahalbra Watkins


I worked with John Edwards six months after my accident occurred. He is excellent at what he does and does not beat around the bush. When bills are not getting paid, he helped with getting them paid ASAP which was important to me. I was able to meet with him or his legal assistant at any time of the day. The staff is easy to get a hold of and they are wonderful people. I am happy with my choice of working with John and will continue to recommend him and use him in the future if need be

Khiale Camacho


My boyfriend and I were involved in a rear end collision and we were referred to John Edwards by our chiropractor. Contacting John was the BEST move we could have made. We were already going through a tough situation and dealing with the insurance companies was the last thing on our minds. John and his staff made sure that everything was taken care of promptly and to our satisfaction without any hassle. The communication was always open if we ever had any questions and we were always kept up to date with the process. I would absolutely recommend John and his team for those who are needing help!

Sarah Scarratt


I had the pleasure of working with John Edwards and his team and would definitely recommend them to anyone involved in a injury accident. I was sitting in the backseat of a car that was in a terrible accident. I had a deviated nasal fracture, left scapular fracture, and lacerated kidney with internal bleeding. I had to have reconstructive surgery on my face. This meant tons medical bills and no way to pay for them considering I was out of work for weeks. I had no idea what I was going to do. John helped get me straighten out and I couldn’t thank him and his office more!!

Jessica Bradley


Being in an accident can be a stressful and scary situation. John and his team made me feel at ease from the beginning and were very honest and upfront about the whole process. They maintained constant communication and actively worked to ensure I was taken care of. They handled all the paperwork necessary to ensure my medical bills were paid and updated me regularly on payment status. John and his team were very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of his services.

Shannon Perez


Working with Holzer Edwards after my motorcycle accident was great! My family was stressed and the recover long and difficult, but John and his team took over and dealt with the insurance companies, watched all of my bills for me and ensured that I did not have to worry about anything. His team are excellent communicators and really stayed on top of my case. Every call was returned within the same day when I had a pressing question.   I had never needed an attorney before and was going to deal with the claims myself (not a smart move on my part) because although I paid (Hepworth) Holzer [] for their help, I know that they recovered more than I could have negotiated. Insurance companies are horrible to deal with when they are after saving a $ at any expense during a claim. I would highly recommend Holzer Edwards because they know how to deal with the bullies and are not intimidated. I will use them again if the unfortunate happens—again

Bryan Hopkins


John and his team were very helpful in getting our claim taken care of. They helped ensure that we received all of the care we needed medically after our accident and helped make sure that that care was completely taken care of. Going through an accident is scary and stressful and John and his team really helped alleviate that stress and made sure that we were completely taken care of. I would recommend anyone involved in an accident to work with John to help make dealing with the process easier and less stressful and to make sure that you receive everything that you need.

Nikki Wheelock


I was involved in a serious traffic collision in the fall of 2012 and I was referred to Mr. Edward firm by a friend of mine who had utilized him in her accident. I found the staff to be professional, caring and helpful. They kept me in the loop on all the things that were happening in the background and the work they did for myself and my son was outstanding. My case ended up having 3 insurance companies involved and they orchestrated the coordination and mountains of medical bills seamlessly. I had a diagnosis which was debateable as to whether it was pre-existing or as a direct result of injuries I sustained in the accident. John was able to work through all the medical records and information submitted and work towards a favorable outcome. I would recommend John Edwards and his team to any of my friends and family. He and his staff are excellent at what they do and I can’t thank them enough for their help with this tough situation!!

Kimberlee H


John Edwards and his staff are excellent. They took the time to explain the process completely and worked hard to ensure I would get the most out of my settlement. John is a very caring lawyer who cares more about his cleint then the possible gain from the end results. He was able to work with my insurance company to lower their reimbursement to the lowest possible amount and even ensured I would be taken care of with furture clains by waiving co-pays for my shoulder and neck injury.

Lee Morris


I recently utilized the services of Kurt Holzer of (Hepworth) Holzer in a personal injury claim. I found him to be highly professional as well as personable. He secured a significant settlement when no one else was willing to take the case. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a skilled personal injury attorney!

Alan Crothers


Trust worthy, honest, efficient, and effective – all words that describe John Edwards and his staff! Working with the team at Holzer Edwards, Chtd. helped me focus on getting well and not on the financial worries of my situation.

Kathy Crowley


I had such a great expierence with Holzer Edwards. I work specificially with John Edwards and he was so professional and helpful. I didn’t have to worry about anything except my recovery and that is due to Mr. Edwards. I had a difficult case and was thrilled that he was able to help me given my circumstances. Though I hope to never need personal injury lawyers again, if I do, I will come back.

Alicia Anderegg

Here are some other ★★★★★ comments we have gotten over the years:

“I am proud to say that my attorneys are Hepworth Holzer.”

Jeannie M., Boise, Idaho

“You were so very helpful. When I struggled with something, you were right on it. Your staff you made me feel special – like my case was the most important one. I appreciate that you took time with me and helped me understand each step of the process. From the first time I was there, I felt very welcome every time I came into the firm. Thank you for all your help.”

Jan H., Weiser, Idaho

“Thank you for all your patience in dealing with our family’s frustrations that followed our terrible loss. The way you stepped in and helped take care of our problems made a very difficult time much easier.”

Gary R., Caldwell, Idaho

“When I came to you, I told you that I did not like the idea of suing someone – or being forced to testify before a jury. I did, however, think my bills should be paid. After discussing the process with you, I was happy to learn that only a few cases ever go to trial. Thank you for helping me resolve my case without going to trial.”

Christina P., Boise, Idaho

“We didn’t have any idea of the value of our cases. You were very good at explaining to each of us the way you assessed the value of our case. You were so thorough in explaining our losses. You then did an excellent job of teaching both of the insurance companies about all the damage the intoxicated driver caused. I was impressed in seeing the negotiations with the other attorneys. We simply could not have recovered without your help.”

Irma S., Melba, Idaho

“The other driver’s insurer was bullying me. I thought I couldn’t afford an attorney to fight the insurance company. Thank you for taking my case and only expecting a fee when we won.”

Tina S., Nampa, Idaho

“I thought my insurance company would be there to help me – but all I got was the runaround. You took over my problems and got immediate action and great results. Thank you for making my problems go away.”

Margaret H., Boise, Idaho

“When the insurance adjuster made me an offer and said that was all they would ever pay. I nearly took it. Fortunately, a friend suggested I talk with you. You explained the process and went about proving that my abdominal surgery was a result of injuries sustained in the wreck. Thank you for advising me not to rush to a quick resolution of my claim. Without your knowledge, skill and help, I would have taken a fraction of what I really deserved.”

Rhonda E., Boise, Idaho

“You showed a lot of patience in dealing with my frustrations when the insurance company was trying to underpay me.”

Felicia L., Nampa, Idaho

“When the delivery truck driver’s insurer would not immediately pay our claims, we were afraid we would not get any help. And the insurance company claimed that even though we didn’t have a stop sign and their driver ran his, the wreck was partly our fault. Without your assistance, we don’t think we could have recovered anything to help pay for the thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills that resulted from the wreck. Thank you for all your ability, dedication and help.”

Robert and Gertrude R., Mtn. Home, Idaho

“Very Good Team by Rod – After suffering a pickup trying to park in my back seat I found myself in the unfortunate position of talking to an adjuster who on several occasions told me that wreck wasn’t so bad, it could have been a lot worse and after all we need to work together to keep the cost of insurance low. Realizing very quickly the disadvantage I put myself in even talking to this robber baron whose title was insurance adjuster I called a friend who referred me to Kurt Holzer. Kurt and his entire staff where very professional and systematic in collecting all the data related to my injuries. During our first interview Kurt was very matter of fact. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to talk to someone so knowledgeable and down to earth. I decided to hire this firm to take on the insurance adjuster on my behalf. The outcome was much better than I had hoped. Kurt good job, thank you!”


“This is a GREAT legal team……. by Katie – After a difficult encounter with an insurance company, I nervously picked up the phone and asked John Edwards for help. It was the best phone call I could have made regarding my legal case. He and his legal staff took over, allowing me to rest and heal after the accident. John and his staff kept me informed by phone and by mail. Holzer-Edwards did a great job, and were kind and concerned about me as a person, as well as looking out for my legal rights. I highly recommend this legal team. I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call them if I ever had to deal with another legal issue. Thank You John and Team!!”


“Thanks for your help! by Scott V – I hired Hepworth Holzer after being hit by a drunk driver. They were professional and it felt like they lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. The lawyers did an outstanding job of negotiating with the drunk drivers insurance company. They got me the money I deserved! Thanks to John, Kurt, and their staff, my family and I were protected.”

Scott V