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The Idaho Non-Economic Damages Cap: A Bad Idea

Non-Economic Damages Cap

When one person’s negligence injures another person, the injured person has the right to recover monetary compensation for the damages they incur.  The term damages has two parts. One part of damages are the economic losses (lost income-medical expenses etc.).  The second part are the non-economic losses (loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, pain and suffering […]

Settlement Of Your Injury Case Requires Consideration of Many Issues

Settlement Of Your Injury

The opportunity for settlement of your injury case often raises many questions.  The basic one “should I settle my case” requires you to think about a number of issues. Unsurprisingly in a settlement, there is always paperwork. One basic truth is be sure you understand what the paperwork means and the terms of the settlement […]

10 Questions Frequently Asked Of Injury Lawyers

10 Questions Frequently Asked Of Injury Lawyers

1.  Do I Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer To Help Me? Studies by the insurance industry have shown that accident victims who have an experienced accident attorney often receive considerably more than those who are not represented by attorneys. A non-profit organization supported by  the insurance industry called the Insurance Research Council determined that […]

John J. Janis Inducted As Fellow Of The American College Of Trial Lawyers

Fellow Of The American College Of Trial Lawyers

John J. Janis of Hepworth Holzer, LLP was inducted as a Fellow of The American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) recently at a ceremony in New Orleans Louisiana. The ACTL is composed of preeminent members of the Trial Bar from the United States and Canada. Members represent both plaintiffs and defendants in courtrooms across North […]