Law In The Family At Hepworth Holzer Injury Lawyers

Our firm’s roots date back to the founding of Hepworth Law offices in Buhl in 1953.  John C. Hepworth founded the firm and practiced for over 50 years.  It is his legacy of doing law the right way that our firms seeks to live up to every day.  And we are proud of the history of lawyers who have been part of the firm.  This includes two Idaho District Judges and an Idaho Supreme Court Justice.  And of course a history of successful trials and results for clients across the state.

But there is other legal history in our firm as well.  Kurt Holzer’s Grandfather practice law in New York City until his untimely death about the time John Hepworth founded this firm.  If you look closely at this New York City Archive picture of 474 Gates Avenue in New York City in 1940 you will see the Law Offices of Nathaniel Holzer.   You can click on the picture for a clearer view.

Just like Charlie Hepworth his brother Jeff works as an Idaho lawyer.  Both of them have established themselves as remarkable lawyers who live up to their father’s legacy.

Similarly, Nathaniel’s family is living up to his.  In addition to Kurt, his cousin Jon works as an appellate lawyer in California. His cousin Pamela works as a bankruptcy attorney in Columbus Ohio.  His brother, and Nathaniel’s namesake who goes by Pete also works in the bankruptcy field in Corpus Christi Texas.

All the lawyers here understand the commitment to our clients is what makes the law work.  And its what keeps our families taking care of yours.



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