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Idaho Personal Injury Guide

Idaho Personal Injury Guide

The Idaho Personal Injury Guide was created by Hepworth Holzer to help individuals and obtain maximum compensation for their claim. How Personal Injury Cases Work It begins with your injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence. You may have been at a store when you slipped in a spill that didn’t get cleaned up. […]

It Is Now Illegal In Idaho To Use A Handheld Cell Phone In Your Car

Hands-Free Cell Phone

A new Idaho law that requires drivers use hands-free cell phones and makes handheld cellphone use illegal comes into effect in July. Idaho’s Hands-Free Cell Phone Statute As of  Wednesday (July 1. 2020) drivers in Idaho will only be able to use electronic devices in hands-free mode behind the wheel. This includes when stopped at […]

Hiring Your Idaho Injury Attorney: 13 Things to Know

Idaho injury attorney

How do you find the right Idaho injury attorney for your serious personal injury lawsuit?   Who should your Idaho injury attorney be? Anytime a person gets injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, many decisions come up regarding how to deal with legal and healthcare issues. This is true whether the injury arises out of […]