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Understanding Your Idaho Car Insurance Policy

Understanding Your Idaho Automobile Insurance Coverage

Automobile insurance coverage and its lingo can be confusing — collision, medpay, liability, UIM, uninsured, 50/100, 25/50/25, 500 single limits.  Many times people come to us and say they have “full coverage” but are not sure what that means. One way to think about car insurance policies is that it they are like a pair […]

Comparative Responsibility, Idaho’s 50/50 Rule and Protecting Yourself

Comparative Responsibility Idaho's 5050 Rule and Protecting Yourself

If the insurance adjuster for your injury claim mentions “comparative responsibility” or a “percentage of fault” to you its time to watch out.  He is trying to take money out of your pocket. Idaho has a law on the books that the insurance company  is trying to use against you. .  The idea behind this […]

Nine Tips On Protecting Your Injury Claim And Getting Fair Compensation

Protecting Your Injury Claim

There are a variety of things that you can do to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses by protecting your injury claim.  Insurance companies and their lawyers have techniques they use to trip up ordinary people in the claims process.  Often these techniques rely on the fact that regular people act […]

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Acting as counselors, good personal injury lawyers regularly discuss with their client’s settlement offers received from the insurance company alongside the risks of taking their case to trial.  It is one part of the normal course of things you deal with when going through the injury claim process.  One of the things we talk about […]

Hit And Run Injury Accidents In Idaho

hit and run

Hit and run “accidents” can be some of the most frustrating cases to deal with for our clients. These can be getting side-swiped on the highway and watching the the other driver zoom away in her car. Or just returning to your parked car in front of your house or in a parking lot after […]

5 Reasons Insurance Companies Say “Claim Denied”

claim denied

You might hear “claim denied” from an insurance company for a number of, sometimes questionable, reasons. After a collision, most people want to get the insurance claim processed and without headaches. The just want to move on with their lives. Insurance company denial complicate things. Issues Regarding Liability One of the reasons insurance companies deny […]