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Understanding Your Idaho Car Insurance Policy

Understanding Your Idaho Automobile Insurance Coverage

Automobile insurance coverage and its lingo can be confusing — collision, medpay, liability, UIM, uninsured, 50/100, 25/50/25, 500 single limits.  Many times people come to us and say they have “full coverage” but are not sure what that means. One way to think about car insurance policies is that it they are like a pair […]

Hiring Your Idaho Injury Attorney: 13 Things to Know

Idaho injury attorney

How do you find the right Idaho injury attorney for your serious personal injury lawsuit?   Who should your Idaho injury attorney be? Anytime a person gets injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, many decisions come up regarding how to deal with legal and healthcare issues. This is true whether the injury arises out of […]

Idaho Polaris RZR Fire Lawyers

Polaris RZR Fire

Polaris RZR fire injury claims continue to mount as these recreational off-highway vehicles (“ROV”) have ongoing issues with catching fire.  As noted in the September 19, Idaho Statesman recently near Weiser Idaho a Polaris RZR fire led to the death of a 23 year-old passenger and serious burn injuries to the 52-year-old owner and driver. […]

Injury Law Is About Personal Responsibility

Injury Law Is About Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of injury law. And injury law is one of the important parts of the civil justice system.   At times conversations with clients expose a misunderstanding of this important role of injury law in Idaho.  And sometimes this misunderstanding is even more pronounced when discussing the law with state legislators […]

What Should I Do After My Car Accident? Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do After My Car Accident

After your car accident there are many questions that come up.  We often hear things like “should I talk to the insurance company?” or  “who pays my medical bills?”  Here are answers to some of those frequently asked questions. Should I Contact The Insurance Companies After A Car Collision? The short answer is yes.  First, […]

Medical Terms In Personal Injury Law

Medical Terms In Personal Injury Law

Medical Definitions One of the things that people often find somewhat bewildering after an injury accident is their forced introduction to a wide variety of medical terms.  This includes doctors with specialties you have never heard of, different medical tests and specialty medical facilities.  This post is here to help people understand what these terms […]