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Hiring Your Idaho Injury Attorney: 13 Things to Know

Idaho injury attorney

How do you find the right Idaho injury attorney for your serious personal injury lawsuit?   Who should your Idaho injury attorney be? Anytime a person gets injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, many decisions come up regarding how to deal with legal and healthcare issues. This is true whether the injury arises out of […]

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Acting as counselors, good personal injury lawyers regularly discuss with their client’s settlement offers received from the insurance company alongside the risks of taking their case to trial.  It is one part of the normal course of things you deal with when going through the injury claim process.  One of the things we talk about […]

Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver In Idaho

Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver

The law requires all drivers to have liability insurance in Idaho to cover accidents that are their fault.  Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law.  If you are in a car collision where one of those uninsured drivers is at fault, some options remain open to you for recovering the losses (damages) imposed on you. […]

Figuring Out Pain and Suffering Damages in Idaho Injury Litigation

Figuring Out Pain and Suffering Damages in Idaho Injury Litigation

Figuring out the value of an injured person’s general damages claim- what is often referred to as pain and suffering–is the most difficult part of valuing a case  This is true whether you are talking about settlement or thinking about the jury’s task in setting the amount after trial. Economic losses like lost income or […]

Recovering Damages for Lost Income: The Calculation Can Be Complex

Recovering Damages for Lost Income

Lost Income Damages Can Be a Complex Part of Your Injury Claim If you’ve sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident caused by another person that affected your ability to earn an income, you are entitled to recover compensatory damages. This includes compensation for income lost because you were recuperating from your injuries.  These are […]

Emotional Distress Claims in Idaho: 5 Things That Help Prove Your Case

Emotional Distress Claims in Idaho

Emotional distress claims are among the most difficult injuries to prove in a court case. Unlike a broken bone, or a spinal disk injury, there is no test or X-ray to show the jury.  As the defense lawyers always like to say there is no “objective” proof of the injury.   Like the suffering part of […]