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Nine Tips On Protecting Your Injury Claim And Getting Fair Compensation

Protecting Your Injury Claim

There are a variety of things that you can do to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses by protecting your injury claim.  Insurance companies and their lawyers have techniques they use to trip up ordinary people in the claims process.  Often these techniques rely on the fact that regular people act […]

Jury Trials Are Part Of What Makes America Great

jury trial

Using juries to decide conflicts is a practice that began in ancient Greece.  In their version, juries consisted of hundreds of citizens called upon to decide the facts of the cases presented.  The Magna Carta enshrined the jury as a fundamental right of an English citizen in 1215.  It established and secured the right to […]

Hit And Run Injury Accidents In Idaho

hit and run

Hit and run “accidents” can be some of the most frustrating cases to deal with for our clients. These can be getting side-swiped on the highway and watching the the other driver zoom away in her car. Or just returning to your parked car in front of your house or in a parking lot after […]

10 Things to Do After An Idaho Car Accident (plus a Bonus)

car accident

People often ask what they should do if they are in a car accident.  This post explains ten specifics to help make sure things go the best they can.  You can protect yourself and your family by following this advice if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident.  This expands on […]

Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver In Idaho

Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver

The law requires all drivers to have liability insurance in Idaho to cover accidents that are their fault.  Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law.  If you are in a car collision where one of those uninsured drivers is at fault, some options remain open to you for recovering the losses (damages) imposed on you. […]

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth

“What is my claim or case worth?” Unsurprisingly, most injured clients ask that question. Falsehoods in the media often have people confused about what sort of monetary recovery they should expect.  This is true whether they are hurt in a car accident,  in an 18- wheeler crash or from any other negligent cause.  We have […]