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10 Things to Do After An Idaho Car Accident (plus a Bonus)

car accident

People often ask what they should do if they are in a car accident.  This post explains ten specifics to help make sure things go the best they can.  You can protect yourself and your family by following this advice if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident.  This expands on […]

The Independent Medical Examination: Be Careful of Doctors Working For Insurance Companies

The Independent Medical Examination

Insurance companies often want to send you to a hired physician for a so-called independent medical examination.  The rules controlling the lawsuit process  allow a  defendant to have a medical professional of their choice examine an injured plaintiff.   These examinations are a time when the worlds of law and medicine collide. Clients are often surprised […]

Ten Things To Know After A Car Accident Injury

Ten Things To Know After A Car Accident Injury

There are many things to know after a car accident injury.   People dealing with injuries caused by others often make mistakes that cost them money  because they don’t understand the liability injury world and the perspective that insurance companies bring to it.  Here, is a brief checklist of things you should know to protect yourself […]

Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, Injuries, Brain Injury and Mature Idaho Bikers

As all of us who ride know, while it may be hidden beneath our shades and helmets, but many of us out on the roads these days have some gray hairs, wrinkles and “experience”.   It is unfortunate but true that car and truck drivers continue to disregard the right of way for motorcycle riders, and […]