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The “Gap In Treatment” Issue In Personal Injury Cases

gap in treatment

People often make a basic mistake when they have been injured. They think they should treat their medical care like they always do.  For many people that means they try to “tough it out.” Injured people don’t often understand that this makes the insurance company happy. That company will use your actions in the medical […]

Jury Trials Are Part Of What Makes America Great

jury trial

Using juries to decide conflicts is a practice that began in ancient Greece.  In their version, juries consisted of hundreds of citizens called upon to decide the facts of the cases presented.  The Magna Carta enshrined the jury as a fundamental right of an English citizen in 1215.  It established and secured the right to […]

The Independent Medical Examination: Be Careful of Doctors Working For Insurance Companies

The Independent Medical Examination

Insurance companies often want to send you to a hired physician for a so-called independent medical examination.  The rules controlling the lawsuit process  allow a  defendant to have a medical professional of their choice examine an injured plaintiff.   These examinations are a time when the worlds of law and medicine collide. Clients are often surprised […]

Why is My Settlement Offer So Low? Avoid These Mistakes To Maximize The Value Of Your Injury Claim

Why is My Settlement Offer So Low

When you have been injured through the wrongful act of another, it is reasonable to want to maximize the value of your injury claim.  The available  monetary recovery will only fully compensate an injured person who is diligent in the injury claim process.  I  often talk with clients about a settlement offer they receive in […]

The Plaintiff’s Deposition: Tips For Witnesses In Injury Cases

The Plaintiff's Deposition Tips For Witnesses In Injury Cases

The plaintiff’s deposition is always a significant day in the prosecution of a personal injury case.  It is just one step in the litigation process.   It only happens if your injury claim cannot be settled and a lawsuit is filed.  In that situation there many things that happen.  But, both later settlement negotiations and […]

What Do Idaho Injury Attorneys Do Anyway?

What Do Idaho Injury Attorneys Do Anyway

The Process of Getting a Client’s Claim Ready Takes Focus and Effort It is fair to wonder what it is that personal injury attorneys do.  For good attorneys, the answer is deceptively simple: We get cases ready for trial. That does not mean your case is going to trial, just that it will be ready to […]