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It Is Now Illegal In Idaho To Use A Handheld Cell Phone In Your Car

Hands-Free Cell Phone

A new Idaho law that requires drivers use hands-free cell phones and makes handheld cellphone use illegal comes into effect in July. Idaho’s Hands-Free Cell Phone Statute As of  Wednesday (July 1. 2020) drivers in Idaho will only be able to use electronic devices in hands-free mode behind the wheel. This includes when stopped at […]

The “Gap In Treatment” Issue In Personal Injury Cases

gap in treatment

People often make a basic mistake when they have been injured. They think they should treat their medical care like they always do.  For many people that means they try to “tough it out.” Injured people don’t often understand that this makes the insurance company happy. That company will use your actions in the medical […]

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Mistakes That Cost Injured People Money In Injury Claims

Acting as counselors, good personal injury lawyers regularly discuss with their client’s settlement offers received from the insurance company alongside the risks of taking their case to trial.  It is one part of the normal course of things you deal with when going through the injury claim process.  One of the things we talk about […]

Hit And Run Injury Accidents In Idaho

hit and run

Hit and run “accidents” can be some of the most frustrating cases to deal with for our clients. These can be getting side-swiped on the highway and watching the the other driver zoom away in her car. Or just returning to your parked car in front of your house or in a parking lot after […]

5 Tips For Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

choosing a personal injury attorney

Choosing a personal injury attorney to effectively represent you after an accident can be a confusing process.  You want a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you.  A lawyer with your interests in mind. If you don’t already know someone, it can be hard to decide which lawyer to hire when first looking.   […]

Compensation For Personal Injury In Idaho

compensation for personal injury

The law provides particular rules about compensation for personal injury claims in Idaho. It can be one of the most misunderstood aspects of injury law. But these are the actual things that a person who hurts you is responsible to pay for.  The wild stories about huge recoveries are just that–wild stories.    In most instances […]