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Your life-changes in an instant when you have John Edwardsbeen hurt in an Idaho car accident.  We help people whose lives have been turned upside down by traffic accidents. There are the physical injuries, work issues and medical bills to face.

When the auto accident involves your personal vehicle, there are many things other things to deal with.  For example, you must also find a way to replace or repair your vehicle so you can continue to get to work, take your children to school, and perform other necessary tasks.

It is true.  People hurt in serious auto accidents should hire skilled personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. There is often the need to take quick action following an auto accident.  Good lawyers know how to preserve and protect your rights as an injured person.

Hepworth Holzer Provides Winning Idaho Car Accident Lawyers For Serious Injury Crashes

If you or someone you love has been involved in a collision, call us. You will talk to a car accident lawyer at our Boise, Idaho firm. We have investigated hundreds of car and truck crashes.  We have also recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured people and for the families of wrongful death accident victims.

We can help.  Our history shows we have taken a number of cases where the client knew they had a valid claim but other attorneys didn’t think they had one. Because of our knowledge and experience, we know how to look at things differently.

For example, in one case a stop sign was covered by trees not maintained properly. Our client drove through the intersection and hit another car. Other attorneys said, “you hit them, there’s no case. It’s your fault.” That opinion, though, came without going to the scene or doing any investigation into the facts of the case. When these folks came to our office, we spent time learning the facts and undertook to investigate the true cause of the collision. Upon investigation, we learned the city had notified the homeowner numerous times and cited the homeowner for not clearing their tree. Based on our work, liability of the homeowners was established and we were able to protect our client.

Evidence at an Accident Scene And Elsewhere

Evidence such as skid marks can fade away shortly after the accident. Likewise, the extent of injuries sustained by the victim can fade over time. There may be a need to take photographs that can preserve crucial evidence, and a skilled trial lawyer can recognize such needs and respond quickly. There may also be a need to interview witnesses while their recollections are fresh. Often, there will be a need to keep track of significant events, such as missed days from work.

We understand how to collect crucial evidence at the beginning of a claim that makes the difference at the end.

Handling  Insurance Companies

The insurance company for the driver who caused the accident is guaranteed to be very experienced in dealing with claims related to motor vehicle accidents. They will be gearing up for the prospect of a claim being made by the injured person from the moment they are notified about the accident.

Recorded Statements

Insurance companies will often ask you to give a recorded statement. That statement is only for the benefit of the insurance company, not for your benefit.

Medical Releases

Similarly, many insurance companies will ask the injured victim to provide them with a medical release. That allows the insurance company to obtain any of your medical records, regardless of whether they are related to the accident or not. More often than not, the insurance companies of the driver that caused the accident will NOT pay for your medical expenses. They are under no legal obligation to do so until there is a resolution of the entire claim.

Medical Expenses

On the other hand, the insurance on the vehicle you were in may have medical payments coverage which insures the immediate payment of your medical expenses up to their limits of coverage, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. You should contact your insurance company to inquire about whether you have medical payment coverage.  If you do, submit your medical bills to your own auto insurance before you send the medical bills to your health insurer.

Vehicle Repairs

A question that usually arises soon after an accident occurs regards getting your vehicle fixed, or being paid for the damage done to your vehicle in the accident.  Insurance companies typically address these property damage claims soon after the accident. Under Idaho law, the insurance company is required to pay the lesser of two amounts: either the cost of fixing damage incurred in the accident or, if the car is totaled, the fair market value of the vehicle just before the collision occurred. The insurance company is not obligated to pay off any loan on the car.

Experience You Can Count On

At Hepworth Holzer, LLP, our attorney team has practiced car and truck accident law for well over a combined 100+ years.  We have handled car accident claims involving all types of auto accidents, including:

  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone accidents
  • Rollovers
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Hit-and-run incidents
  • Side swipes
  • Accidents caused by drunk driving/DUI/DWI
  • Aggressive driving, negligent driving and inattentive driving accidents
  • Poor vehicle maintenance

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The law firm you choose to handle your case makes a difference. If you have questions following any type of car or truck accident, contact our firm. We offer free initial case reviews and evaluations, speak Spanish, are available for evening and weekend appointments and hospital visits.

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