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Lost Wage Reimbursement in a Car Accident Case

Were you injured in an automobile crash and have questions about lost wage reimbursement now that you aren’t working? Then call Hepworth Holzer for a free consultation in Boise, ID to learn how we can help your case.


How does lost wage reimbursement work in a car accident case?


Lost Wage Reimbursement in a Car Accident Case If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Boise, Idaho or a car accident anywhere in Idaho that prevents you from earning your income, that income flow loss can be one of the most painful parts of your damages claim. The problem is, in a third-party liability case where somebody else caused damage to you they don’t have to reimburse you pay-as-you-go. It doesn’t happen. There’s another form of injury cases, workers’ compensation claims, where that is the rule, where you’ll get some of your wages while you’re recovering from your injury. A Boise, Idaho car accident doesn’t happen that way.

You have to be careful about your resources, and we can calculate and ultimately recover and get you paid back the income that you have lost. In the short-term, you’ve lost those wages and you’ve lost that cash flow, and that can really impact what’s going to go on with your bills and your ability to pay your own medical expenses and all those things that are happening in your life. One of the things you get with good lawyers and your lost wage component is we can help sometimes with managing the collections side and let them know that those wages will be coming back. It can be a part of the representation the we provide in appropriate circumstances. This is one of the most painful parts of a Boise, Idaho car accident case— figuring out how to manage financially when resources aren’t coming in that are expected. You’re welcome to give us a call to help us see if we can help you deal with those problems in your Boise, Idaho car accident injury claim

Were you injured in a crash in Boise and have questions about lost wage reimbursement in a car accident case? Contact our experienced Boise Car Accident Attorneys at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We are committed to helping individuals and families throughout Idaho navigate the world of personal injury litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us get results for you and your family. Subscribe to us on YouTube Out of Town Resources These Gilbert Car Accident Attorneys have done a great job creating educational content. If you need help with a car accident claim in Gilbert, AZ, we recommend you take a look at their website.