Who Pays My Medical Bills After an Injury Accident?

Getting medical bills paid after an injury accident is often one of the things that concerns clients. “Who pays my medical bills?” is a question we often hear. John Edwards discusses this issue in the latest episode of our podcast.  You can also get additional information on the issue in this blog post.

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Who Does Pay Medical Bills After an Injury Accident?

That’s a question I answer daily.   People think that since it’s the other guy’s fault, he’s going to have to pay. Yes, he is, but not right away.   The guy who caused the wreck doesn’t pay damages until the end of a case.  And, that can be drawn out for a while. So, the first insurer to pay is your own automobile insurance company. Your insurance will step up and pay the medical bills up to the limits of your medical payments coverage. If other people are in the wreck with you, then they have access to the full amount of that medical payments coverage. Once that coverage is exhausted for any person, then their health insurer steps in and pay their medical bills. These actions make a big difference for all involved.

However, people still wonder why their insurance is paying. It’s because you’ve contracted with them to make those payments. You bought insurance so that you’re protected in the event you’re hit by somebody while driving an automobile. Then, at the end of the case, when you get money from the bad guy’s insurer, you have a contractual obligation to reimburse your auto carrier and health insurer. That being said, if you’re working with the right Personal Injury Claim Attorney Idaho they’re generally able to negotiate a discount on what you reimburse those groups.

What does subrogate mean?

It’s a fancy word for “promise to pay back.” On any auto policy, there’s a provision that says your insurance will pay upfront. However, you promise to pay your insurer back once the bad guy’s insurance pays up. Your health insurance also has a subrogation provision that pays if you’ve exhausted your underlying auto coverage.  You also have to pay them back. Your lawyer generally collects the money from the case and does the reimbursements. And again, a good Auto Accident Attorney Boise ID will be able to reimburse an amount less than what they paid for you upfront.

What else do you do to help if I’ve been in an accident?

An accident is an overwhelming event with injuries, pain, and concern about what’s going to happen. It’s scary because most people have not navigated something like this before. So, I tell folks to get better and heal, and I’ll handle the rest of the details. Many times, I see people cry when I tell them what I’m going to do. They’re relieved to have that weight off of their shoulders, and there’s no more dealing with the insurance companies for them. Over time, we can evaluate their claim and give them an idea of reimbursements for lost wages, medical expenses, property damages and pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering damages are the changes in your life because of the wreck and the inability to do normal things you did before the accident. We understand how juries value all those types of damages, and we negotiate a settlement with the other driver’s insurance company.

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