Idaho Trucking Accident Lawyers: Knowledge and Experience Make a Difference

As Idaho trucking accident lawyers we know collisions with a tractor-trailer or a semi-truck tend to be uniquely devastating.  The weight of the vehicles and the force of the collisions are almost incomprehensible.   These wrecks cause damage of all sorts to other motorists.  Big truck collision damages can be physical, psychological and financial.  In short, 18-wheeler collisions have the unique potential to cause hard to comprehend or live with catastrophic personal injury and death.  The results of commercial trucking accidents can leave people and families struggling to cope with grief, anxiety and an uncertain future.  Our experienced tractor-trailer and truck accident lawyers have years of expertise.  We have help dozens of people file successful tractor-trailer accident lawsuits and semi-truck and commercial vehicle injury  claims.  We are here to help you.

Do You Want the Best Idaho Truck Accident Lawyer For Your Case?  Look No Further.

Your injury case has turned your life upside down.  We are much more than just experts in crash law. Hepworth Holzer offers a team of experienced Idaho truck accident lawyers.  We can provide you skilled, compassionate and quality counsel.   We know how to help you get things back on the right track.

If necessary we will invest heavily in your case to make sure you are fairly compensated. Among the many things we provide clients are:

  • Expert legal advice and guidance regarding your truck accident claim, and if necessary, trucking lawsuit;
  • A detailed and comprehensive investigation of your Truck crash injury;
  • Compensation that helps you rebuild your life;
  • Communication about your claim and life that is regular and responsive;
  • Legal representation dedicated to you both in and out of court; and
  • Representation on a contingency fee basis so the representation is free until you win.

Truck Accidents: Finding Causes and Understanding Responsibility

There are an unlimited number of factors that can play into trucking collisions.  For example, the size and weight of tractor-trailers particularly when combined with excessive speed or loading practices may lead to a truck rollover.  Or could lead to the 18-wheeler colliding with another truck, a passenger vehicle, roadside objects, or even pedestrians and cyclists.  Responsibility to provide compensation for your injuries and the ability to recover compensation in a commercial trucking case depends on what caused the wreck,   One of the specialties we have as Idaho truck accident lawyers is determining who the law holds liable for your injuries.

Some Of The Traditional Basic Dangers Caused by Commercial Trucks

Among the causes we have seen are those attributable to a negligent truck driver, a negligent trucking company  but also others involved in commercial trucking industry like brokers.

Particularly with drivers and companies there are certain things we see with some frequency that lead to big rig collisions and wrecks like:

  • Driver fatigue due to long hours
  • Speeding due to strict imposition of delivery deadlines
  • Distracted Driving (phones, or other in-cab distractions)
  • Jackknifing due to poor driving, bad braking or careless turns
  • Highway hypnosis (ie zoning out)
  • Substance abuse (even prescription medication can cause problems)
  • Improper or incomplete inspections and maintenance
  • Improper loads or loading

The Process of Determining Liability For the Truck Accident That Hurt You

Experienced, competent truck accident lawyers have a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of the factors that establish responsibility in truck accident cases  Hepworth Holzer trucking lawyers know how to build a compelling, evidence-based case in your favor. Among many other things we  evaluate

  • Federal and State Regulations:
  • Specific state and federal traffic and trucking laws that are relevant to your situation; and
  • The driver’s professional safety duties.

This all requires investigative work.  Evidence reviewed can include

  • Black Box (Electronic engine control module) Data
  • Police  news and witness photographs and video
  • Witness statements
  • Social media posts
  • Police IMPACT reports
  • Medical evaluations
  • Reconstruction Reports
  • Truck, driver, maintenance and other logs

Idaho Trucking Accident Lawyers Who Will Help You Understand Your Case.

Commercial truck injury cases are not simple.  Get an experienced semi-truck crash lawyer to assist you.  Call or text us at Hepworth Holzer, you will always get to talk to a lawyer.

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    This is a good blog post by top lawyers that explains the extra set of skills needed to litigate a personal injury case. The laws of physics, combined with an amalgam of state and federal laws and regulations makes for a pretty complicated lawsuit.

    I think for all parties involved (and I’m sure you would agree), preventing truck accidents still remains the best approach.

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