Injury Claims After a Semi-Truck Crash (Podcast)

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In this episode Kurt discusses some of the issues related to over the road truck injury litigation.
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18-wheelers, so called semi-trucks, can be 100,000 pounds of rolling death. Kurt D. HolzerI’ve seen some horrendous situations when they are operated inappropriately. The first thing to do after getting your necessary medical care is to get an experienced 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Boise ID.  This is because a semi-truck crash is not simply a bigger car wreck.

What should I look for in hiring a truck-accident lawyer?

Kurt: As an experienced truck-accident attorney, one of the most important things is understanding the federal code, the federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. Understanding the appropriate special rules that apply to those cases and understanding how the trucking industry works is important. A truck-accident lawyer needs to have a unique understanding allowing them to fully develop your case and make sure you get full recovery for the damages in your case. The damages can be horrific.

What are some of the common causes of truck accidents?

Kurt: Sometimes they are the same as car accidents. That can be speeding or inattention by a driver. We also see things that are much different. Long-haul truck drivers are often paid by the mile, so they want to make those miles and not sleep. They’re operating within a system to continually put in more and more miles. And, they end up causing crashes. They fall asleep because of fatigue and drive off the roads. Also, we see health issues. It can be an unhealthy lifestyle so there are people with sleep apnea who don’t get the rest they need and have attention issues.

These days, we’re starting to see distracted driving issues, too. Truckers have long had CBs, but now they’re looking at their cell phones and there’s more technology in the cab that distract from the roadway. It only takes a couple of seconds for one of these tragedies to occur.

What’s are the differences between a truck-accident and car-wreck case?

Kurt: There can be issues of responsibility, not just for the driver, but for the company in how it managed and trained the driver. How has it assigned drivers or hired owner-operators? There are issues where industry brokers create risks to the motoring public by the way they operate the brokerages and assign the work. There’s can be a broad investigation of the maintenance and operational safety of the vehicle. This makes investigating one of these incidents a substantially more complex issue than a car accident.

What’s the cost to hire you?

Kurt: Most Truck Accident Lawyer Boise ID who are good at this, do cases on a contingency fee basis. Contingency fee is, “No feel unless we recover money for you.” The amount of time, effort and energy a lawyer has to put into the investigation and incurring costs of professionals to look at the black box on the truck’ or spend the discovery for litigation, is substantial. All that work, is, frankly, outrageously expensive. Ordinary people can’t afford to pay by the hour. With the contingency fee, we become partners with you. Whatever money we recover is shared with us on a percentage basis. We work to make your life better and to help you recover damages to get back to as normal as possible. The best claim for a person is the smallest claim. It means your injury’s the smallest. But on these tragic, big-injury cases, the time, effort and energy we spend to take care of you is huge. The contingency fee system is the way you can access an attorney.

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