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Choosing an Underinsured Motorist Attorney

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident you might be worried about finding the best attorney for your claim. Contact Hepworth Holzer to learn about what you need to know in choosing an underinsured motorist attorney in Boise.


How do I pick the right attorney for an underinsured motorist claim?


Choosing an Underinsured Motorist Attorney What should you look for in the way of an attorney to handle an uninsured motorist claim? The answer to that question would be to find a lawyer that actually has the experience of being a trial lawyer in front of whoever is going to be the one who makes the decision, whether it’s a jury or an arbitration panel. In uninsured motorist cases, the insurance policies typically have a clause that says those are subject to arbitration as opposed to jury trials, but it’s still a trial, and you need a serious trial lawyer who has actual experience doing trials to assist you in pursuing the claim successfully.

You also want to look for someone who has got the actual experience of dealing with the insurance companies. The insurance companies know who out there actually does jury trials and does actual trials, and they know who doesn’t. It’s important for you to have an attorney that does have the experience and the command of the insurance company’s attention. Our firm, for example, has been pursuing uninsured motorist claims in front of either juries or arbitration panels for well over 50 years.
If you have such a claim, it’s the kind of claim that requires seriously experienced counsel because the insurance company – whether you’re dealing with the insurance company directly on uninsured motorist claims – has serious attorneys on their payroll. You definitely would like to have somebody who has a comparable level of experience for pursuing uninsured motorist claims successfully. If you are looking for an attorney and you would like to talk, please call any of the lawyers in our firm today because we all do the same work and we all do it together.

Were you injured by a negligent motorist in Boise and have questions about choosing an under`? Contact our experienced Boise Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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