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Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policies

After a serious motor vehicle accident it might be difficult to understand the nuances of underinsured motorist insurance policies. Call one of the attorneys at Hepworth Holzer to review your claim and fight for maximum compensation for all your injuries.


Should I have underinsured motorist coverage on my auto insurance policy?


Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policies We are often asked whether somebody should have underinsured motorist coverage under their policy. It’s an interesting question. First, understand that Idaho law requires anybody who has a motor vehicle policy of insurance to include uninsured motorist coverage benefits. It’s absolutely required by statute. It’s not required, however, by statute for insurance policies to also provide underinsured motorist coverage benefits, that’s where the at-fault driver has insurance but doesn’t have enough. The short answer to the question of whether you should have underinsured motorist coverage is a very clear and unequivocal yes.

People often ask this question too late. They have already been involved in an accident and do not have enough insurance to cover your claims. That’s the situation you want to avoid. It’s a bad situation that could turn a badly injured situation into an even worse one, financially. You should absolutely provide yourself with underinsured motorist coverage for the maximum amount that you can afford. It’s needed in Idaho, and it’s something that you are very much cautioned to get immediately if you don’t have it.  

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