Why Get An Attorney For An Auto Accident or Personal Injury? (Podcast)

In this episode of our podcast, Kurt Holzer discusses what personal injury attorneys do and why you should get an attorney for an auto accident or other injury case.

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What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me?

Personal injury attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge to injury claims that you can’t have. The law related to personal injury claim is very complex. People have to pay for your medical care and have a right to be paid back. But do they get it all or do they get a portion? Is there some future care they’re paid for? Very complex questions. An experienced, qualified, personal injury lawyer brings the capacity to evaluate your claim.

An insurance company fairly evaluating your claim is not in its financial interest. Companies evaluate claims for their bottom line and want to pay as little as possible. You want somebody on your side who will say, “Hold on. Let’s look at all the dimensions of your claim. Let’s look at all the losses you incurred and let’s figure out what the real value of your losses are.”

Speaking Of The Insurance Company, They Said I Don’t Need An Attorney.

Personal Injury Lawyers like myself, are happy to talk to and help you evaluate your situation. Give it an initial look to see if you need an attorney. In a simple injury case, you can almost always get a bit of advice from an attorney over the phone for no charge. However, as the cases get more complex and bigger, the need for an attorney becomes more apparent and the insurance companies are just wrong. They’re trying to keep you away from an attorney to save themselves money.

What If I’ve Already Taken Some Steps Independently Without An Attorney?

You probably haven’t killed your claim, but you may have impacted it. We often see people who have done things they think are right and they’ve impacted their case not understanding the ramifications. But still, talk to an Accident and Injury Lawyer Idaho . Maybe you’ve done something that hasn’t impacted your case at all.

What Damages Am I Entitled To Recover?

There are two areas of damages an attorney for an auto accident can help you can recover: economic loss and non-economic loss. There’s a third area called punitive damages that are rarely available. Economic loss is often pretty simple and straightforward but it can have complexities. What are your medical expenses for the medical care you needed? What’s are the lost wages, past and future? Did you need special care at your house or did you need somebody to take care of your yard or walk your dog because you weren’t able to ambulate? Those are the economic losses, actual costs to you.

The non-economic losses are pain and suffering which has the emotional component. There are lots of other things on the non-economic loss side. Just the hassle of going through it, for example. Having to go to a doctor or having to restructure your life. These emotional losses can be huge. As physical injuries get larger, the emotional losses also get larger. For somebody who has become a paraplegic or is dealing with a wrongful death of a loved one, those components become larger as well.

In some rare instances, the behavior of the bad guy was so bad that society says he should be punished. The easiest example is a drunk driver who runs the stop sign. Drunk drivers are subject to punitive damages and those aren’t compensatory damages like economic and non-economic losses.

Is My Case Big Enough For A Lawyer To Handle?

What are your losses and situation? For some lawyers the case has to be very substantial and other lawyers take smaller cases. The key for anybody who’s asking these questions is to take advantage of the free advice lawyers are offering. Get your case reviewed by an attorney who knows what they’re doing. Let them understand your losses and let them make an assessment of your particular situation.

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