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When to Settle a Personal Injury Case

Is the insurance company contacting you about your accident and you want to know when to settle a personal injury case in Boise, ID. Call Hepworth Holzer as soon as possible to learn how we can take your claim to trial to earn maximum compensation. Don’t settle for less.


How do you decide whether to settle a case in Idaho or not settle a case in Idaho?


When to Settle a Personal Injury Case That is a very simple question that has a very complicated answer because there’s so much that goes into the consideration of what the value of a personal injury case is. There’s a lot that goes into the basic decision that needs to be made by the injured person as to whether they should or should not settle.

If you’re represented by me personally or anybody else in my law firm, then it’s our responsibility to be your voice in talking to the other side. It’s also our responsibility to gather all the information we can that is relevant to the value of your claim, like are there going to be future medical expenses? Is this injury going to be permanent? What’s that going to look like for the rest of the person’s life? We gather all that information and then sit down with you to provide you with all of the information necessary to make an informed and intelligent choice. It is your choice. We have, of course, a lot of experience settling cases or otherwise taking them to trial when necessary. The question of whether you’re getting a reasonable value in the settlement or not really boils down to what a jury would do if you went to Idaho jury trial. That’s the type of thing for which there is no magic answers. It’s hard to predict. Nobody knows the answer to that. The other side doesn’t know it; nobody does because you haven’t even met your jury yet. What it requires, if you want to get the maximum value of what is a reasonable, and just, and fair amount of money to satisfy your claim, is having the best legal team on your side. The other side is aware of this. If you don’t want to settle it, that we’re perfectly willing and able to take it to a jury trial and the other side knows it because we actually have had a track record of successfully pursuing jury trials for decades and decades. That question will also involve a consideration of how risk-averse you want to be. It’s really your personal decision. If you want to make that decision, then you need the best attorneys, trial attorneys, actual trial attorneys that you can find. Our firm has done this for many years successfully. If you have such a situation, please feel free to call us anytime at all or anybody else, any of the other lawyers in my law firm because we all have a similar level of experience all doing the same type of work, again, representing your best legal interests.

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