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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

After a serious accident, it is important to know how to go about choosing a personal injury attorney in Boise, ID. Watch this educational video and then call Hepworth Holzer to learn how we can be your champions.


How do I choose the right personal injury attorney?


Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney You probably wouldn’t be looking at this if you didn’t have questions about how you should pick a personal injury attorney. Who should my personal injury attorney be? There’s a process that we would recommend that you go through in picking your Idaho personal injury attorney. That process requires investigation. Spend some time looking around.

Certainly, don’t just respond to TV advertising or billboard advertising. See if you really have a trial attorney that you’re looking for. Not every personal injury attorney is a trial attorney. A trial attorney is somebody who is not scared of the courtroom, wants to go to the courtroom, and is perfectly happy to go to the courtroom. Why does that matter? Because the insurance companies know the difference. They know if a lawyer is willing to go to the courtroom, then that case is going to get full value in resolution, whether it’s after trial or in settlement. Many cases do settle. That’s important, but one of the ways you make cases settle is by going to trial on other cases. What do you want to look for in that trial attorney? You want somebody with success in the courtroom. Do your research. Look at their resumes, look at what they’ve done. You want somebody who’s been recognized by many of the organizations that acknowledge attorneys. There’s a very traditional one called Martindale-Hubbell. What’s the lawyer’s rating there? AV is the highest. There are other public rating systems: Best Lawyers Ratings, Avvo Ratings, many other standards. There is one organization, and we’re proud that we have a member of that organization in our firm, Charlie Hepworth, but there’s one organization of the Top 100 trial lawyers in the country. It’s called the Inner Circle of Advocates. You have to be a great lawyer to be in that. Is the person a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers? Are they members of AAJ? Do they teach other lawyers how to do lawyering? All of these things are out there to be found. Spend your time on the Internet looking at these things when you’re identifying a personal injury lawyer for your claim in Idaho. Find a lawyer who knows what they’re doing in the courtroom. Find a lawyer who actually spends their time in injury cases. You don’t want a general practice lawyer. You don’t want a business lawyer. You don’t want somebody who does wills and estates sometimes and does divorces sometimes. What you want is a personal injury trial lawyer with results. If you want to talk more about it and what we’ve accomplished at our firm, just give us a call. Anyone of us will talk to you. We’ll tell you if you’re looking at good lawyers and we’ll tell you the people to stay away from, too. Pick the right trial lawyer because the trial lawyer you pick for your personal injury claim in Idaho can make a big difference in your life and in your future.

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