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Injury Cases That Require a Lawsuit

Were you injured in an accident and are unsure if your claim warrants a lawsuit? Contact our office today to learn about the injury cases that require a lawsuit in Idaho.


Will every injury case require a lawsuit?


Injury Cases That Require a Lawsuit In Idaho, does every claim arising out of an accident or the like require a lawsuit? The answer is, no. Many cases are settled without a lawsuit.

The idea of pursuing such a claim is you have to put the other insurance company on the other side in the situation of being able to reasonably evaluate the claim. It’s routine for insurance companies to be provided with an opportunity to try to settle the case before being presented with the lawsuit. It would serve you well to have a lawyer on your side if you would like to maximize the possibility of being able to settle the case absent a lawsuit. It would be to your benefit to have very experienced legal counsel doing that. The insurance companies of the world, they know who the lawyers are out there who actually have experience pursuing claims to a jury and who have a track record of success. Having such counsel in your camp is going to increase the odds that you can actually settle the case short of filing a lawsuit at what would represent a reasonable valuation of your case given all the facts and circumstances. The likelihood of being able to get such a value without the lawsuit is clearly enhanced by having the best, most sophisticated legal team on your side. That is our law firm. Our law firm has been doing this for well over half a century. Our lawyers in this law firm are all very experienced. The insurance companies of the world know all about it. If you happen to need to put a serious legal team on your side if you have such a claim, please feel free to call any of the lawyers in our law firm because we’re all pursuing the same type of claims and all doing the same type of work together for the common goal of representing your best legal interests.

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