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What to Know Before Giving a Deposition

Are you preparing for trial and nervous about your case? Contact our lawyers to fight for your damages and let us teach you about what to know before giving a deposition in Boise, ID.


What do I need to know if I’m going to be deposed in my personal injury lawsuit?


What to Know Before Giving a Deposition For somebody who’s got a claim and there’s a lawsuit arising out of the claim for personal injury, the other side potentially does have the right to take your deposition. That’s just basically testimony under oath in a room not at the courthouse. There’ll be a court reporter there taking down all that’s said in the question and answer session with the other side.

If you have a good legal team on your behalf, you will have a meeting in advance of that deposition to talk about the process, to talk about how it is you can give favorable testimony, and how to give a good deposition. There are some rules to walk you through. These will take some time. Then, of course, to anticipate the questions, and to discuss how you would give answers to the questions, and basically prepare you for that deposition. You need to be prepared; you can’t go into a deposition unprepared without having really given any thought or effort into preparing for it.

It’s the exact type of circumstance, having a need to do a deposition in a case, that requires you to have a good legal team on your behalf so that you can be prepared for that deposition. That deposition is being prepared by your adversary party. The insurance company is hiring sophisticated legal teams to work against your claim. That’s who’s taking your deposition. They’re gearing up for it, so you need to be ready. The only way to be ready is to have a good legal team on your side having prepared you for that deposition appropriately so that when you go in, you can go in with the confidence that you are ready to give favorable and truthful testimony that will help the value of your claim be enhanced.

Our firm has had numerous cases involving depositions over the years. I cannot count the amount of depositions I personally have either taken or been involved in. Every other lawyer in the firm would say the same thing, but it’s hundreds. We have the experience; we have the legal horsepower to represent your interests. If you have such a claim and you need help to prepare for that deposition, please feel free to call any of the lawyers at our law firm, who all have had lots and lots of experience getting ready for such depositions.

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