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Returning The Product That Injured You

Were you injured by defective item and worried about returning the product that injured you? Contact one of our Boise attorneys at Hepworth Holzer to learn how we can put the manufacture on notice. We offer free consultations to anyone who has been injured.


Should I send the product that injured me back to the manufacturer?


Returning The Product That Injured You If you’re injured by a product and you contact the manufacturer of the product to place them on notice that their product has injured you and if the product manufacturer asks you to send them the product, should you do that? The simple answer to that question is no. You don’t want to send the product to the manufacturer because the product is critical evidence that you’ll need in order to prove your case. The product could be lost in the mail. The product could be misplaced by the manufacturer. The bottom line is you need the product in order to be able to pursue your product liability claim. It would be a mistake to send the product to the manufacturer. Now, the manufacturer will probably try to impress upon you the importance of inspecting the product in order to provide you with compensation but you can arrange for the product to be inspected by the manufacturer by retaining the product and giving the product manufacturer an opportunity to come inspect the product while it’s in your control. You can satisfy the manufacturer’s need to inspect the product by giving them an opportunity to come to you to inspect the product rather than delivering the product to them. You can’t afford to lose the product because it’s vital to proving your case. If you have questions about product liability cases, please contact our firm at Hepworth Holzer and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Were you injured by a defective product in Boise and have questions about returning the project that injured you? Contact our experienced Boise Product Liability Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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