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Time Limits For Product Liability Cases

If you were injured by a defective product, give our Boise attorneys a call to learn about the time limits for product liability cases. You only have a short window, so call today to get your claim started.


Are there time limits that apply to product liability cases?


Time Limits For Product Liability Cases Are there time limits that apply to product liability cases in Idaho? This is a pretty complex question. A general rule that applies to personal injury cases and therefore arguably to product liability cases in Idaho is you have two years from the date of injury to pursue your product liability claim. Again, that’s a general rule and there are exceptions. This is a topic that underscores the importance of talking to a knowledgeable attorney who will recognize the complexity of the question related to the time limitations for pursuing a product liability claim. Make sure you talk to a knowledgeable and experienced product liability lawyer because time limitations on cases are very important topics. If you go beyond the time limit for a case before you pursue the case, you can prevent it legally from pursuing the case. With a question that is as important as that, consult your lawyer, and make sure you’re consulting a lawyer who is knowledgeable and who you have confidence is giving you good advice. For questions like that, you’re welcome to call the Hepworth Holzer law firm and we’ll meet with you and discuss your case with you and answer questions like that.

Were you injured by a defective product in Boise and have questions about time limits for product liability cases? Contact our experienced Boise Product Liability Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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