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Liability For a Dog Bite Injury

Were you attacked by a dog while out for a walk? Idaho creates strong liability for a dog bite injury to whom ever is handling the animal. Give our office a call today to learn how we can earn you maximum compensation for your suffering.


Can someone other than the dog owner be responsible for my injuries?


Liability For a Dog Bite Injury One of the unique things about Idaho’s dog bite law is it creates liability for anyone who is harboring or handling the dog. In other words, not only is the owner responsible for any damages a dog causes with a dog bite in an Idaho dog bite case, but somebody taking the dog out for a walk can be responsible for the damages the dog causes, as well. If somebody is watching the dog at their house for an owner and the dog causes damage, that person can have liability. There might be a place where you can turn to, an insurance policy, that will help you recover for your losses for the damages imposed by this dog attack that you’re dealing with. There are times when a renter might have provided enough information to a landlord that the landlord’s insurance company could be responsible for the damages caused by the renter’s dog.

There are times when it’s not merely just the owner who has liability for the injuries and damages imposed on another by a dog bite, but others as well. Evaluating these facts are the types of things that good Idaho trial attorneys do, and we’re happy to help you evaluate your situation if you just give us a ring.

Were you bitten by a dog in Boise and have questions about liability for a dog bite injury? Contact our experienced Boise Dog Bite Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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