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Dog Bite Settlement Timeline

If you or a loved one was injured by being attacked by a dog, you might want to know how long your claim will take once filing a lawsuit.Contact our experienced attorneys to learn about the dog bite settlement timeline and when you might see some money for your claim. Call today for a free case evaluation.


How long will it take to resolve my dog bite case?


Dog Bite Settlement Timeline The question of how quickly a dog bite case in Idaho can be resolved is one that depends on lots of factors. When we look at how quickly the case can be resolved, one of the issues is how bad the dog bite was. How long is the recovery? Is there a substantial wound that needs lots of intervention, that has to have wound care? Is it some puncture wounds that are minor? Is it a facial wound that requires plastic surgery? These types of questions of what is the scope of the damages that this dog bite case in Idaho led to are one of the things that really drives how long the case takes. It’s not until your injuries are ready to be dealt with that you really start the case and figure out how to move forward with the case and learn whether you can resolve the case without suit or, ultimately, you have to file suit.

If you can’t resolve the case without filing suit, there’s only two ways the insurance company pays you for the losses that you’ve incurred in your dog bite in Idaho: through agreement or if a jury tells them what to do. If there’s not an agreement that you are comfortable with before suit, you have to file that lawsuit and go through the litigation process of the personal injury lawsuit until you get to either a point where they will pay sufficient enough that you’re comfortable with and that you make the decision to accept or you go to the jury and the jury makes that decision. Based on where in the process that ultimate decision is made will drive how long the case takes in the long run.

How long will your Idaho dog bite case take? It depends. It depends on a lot of things. We can help you understand that better if you just give us a call to discuss your situation.

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