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Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

After a serious injury caused by an animal attack, you might be concerned about choosing a dog bite attorney that can strongly represent you. Give Hepworth Holzer a call today to learn why so many Idaho residents choose us to fight the insurance companies and earn them maximum compensation.


How do I choose the best attorney for my dog bite case?


Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney Choosing the right attorney for your Idaho dog bite case is a process of review and evaluation. For any injury case, and particularly for a dog bite case, you want an attorney who’s experienced, skilled, and a true trial attorney. I say trial attorney because not every personal injury attorney really is a trial attorney; they don’t necessarily know their way around a courtroom or in front of a jury. Why does that matter? Because whether in settlement or after trial, true trial attorneys can give you a better chance at full, fair, and complete compensation than somebody who just holds themselves out as a personal injury attorney.

Certainly, don’t just rely on basic television advertising or billboard advertising to select your attorney. Do a background review on that person. Take a look at who that person is and what they’ve done. What have they been recognize for in their profession? Are they members of acknowledged organizations that take care of people and are focused on representation of people, whether it’s a dog bite injury case or any other type of injury case? Do they have accolades? Do they have reviews based on real clients who they’ve actually taken care of in these cases? Why does that matter? Because dog bite law is actually unique in Idaho, and you want a lawyer who understands the unique standards that apply and a lawyer who knows how to present your damages claim – what is the scope of the injury; what is the long-term impacts of the injury from this dog bite?

Feel free to give us a call. One of the other things you always want is an attorney that you’re comfortable with, an attorney that you feel is going to actually represent you and who you will be honest, direct, and truthful with and who is honest, direct, and truthful with you because the relationship between an attorney and their client, and the client and their attorney, is a very important relationship and one that you have to be happy with. Give us a call and any one of us at the firm will be happy to discuss your situation and give you a chance to get a feel for who we are so we can see if we are appropriate lawyers to represent you in your Idaho dog bite case.

Were you bitten by a dog in Boise and have questions about choosing a dog bite attorney? Contact our experienced Boise Dog Bite Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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