Why Get An Attorney For Motorcycle Accidents In Boise (Podcast)

Lifelong rider and injury attorney Kurt Holzer discusses why you need an attorney for motorcycle accidents in Idaho.  Call or text us at 208 343-7510 to know more.

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Why do I need a motorcycle accident attorney when I have motorcycle insurance?

The issue is not your insurance, it’s what the other guy’s insurance is going to Motorcycle Accident Attorney Boise Idahodo.  The insurance for the person who caused the wreck.  Often your own  motorcycle insurance might just cover liability, that it is protects the person who caused the wreck. But, if a car hits you, your motorcycle insurance may not step up to the plate for any of your injuries or medical expenses unless you purchased medical payments coverage motorcycle insurance. Some of the motorcycle insurance carriers don’t offer these more comprehensive types of coverage. So, the short answer is absolutely check with an attorney regardless of what type of insurance you have.

The insurance company for the driver who hit me said they’ll send me a check right away. Should I accept it?

Almost always the answer is no. This is a tactic insurance companies use to try to close out claims before you understand the real scope of your injury. They dangle some money in front of you, and I’ve seen cases where 10 or even 20 times the amount that was initially offered in a check by the insurance company is what the injured person had a right to receive.  And that is ultimately recovered when we pursued the claim. The insurance company is not your “good neighbor” and doesn’t have your best outcome in mind. They’re trying to get a claim put away, put to bed. The company is perfectly happy to let you go off and fend for things on your own.

My injuries are not all that serious. Do I still need an attorney?

You might not need an Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Boise Idaho. The severity of your injuries is a key. However, take advantage of free advice from an attorney. Get a free case evaluation. Consult with an attorney to determine if what you perceive as small injuries actually might be something larger. A lot of times that initial evaluation of a minor injury is wrong. I’ve seen plenty of times where there’s been spinal cord injuries that don’t come about until weeks after the collision because a bone or a piece of a disk breaks off and impacts a nerve in the neck or spinal column. Then you definitely need a lawyer.

How do I pay my medical bills from the accident while waiting for the lawsuit to be resolved?

This can be one of the difficult parts of an injury case. When you incur medical expenses, you have an obligation to pay them. In a personal injury claim, the other side’s not going to make it easy. They use those bills as pressure on you to try to settle for less than a case is worth. By the way, there is a type of coverage called medical payments and it steps up and pays the bills. No deductibles and usually there’s a 5,000 or 10,000 limitation. You get that money to help pay any interim. The next obligated payer is your health insurance and that includes co-pays and deductibles. Ultimately, it gets paid back from the bad guy’s insurance company. But you have to pay in the interim.

Sometimes as motorcycle accident attorneys in Idaho can work with providers to hold their bills, or to limit their recovery options, and help you deal with recovering and getting better. This is one of the services personal injury lawyers provide. We work with the billing people to back them off, while we work with the people who are at fault to recover money. You don’t have the headaches and the bills, and that’s one of the real services that an office like ours can provide.

What types of compensation can I hope to receive?

There are multiple types of compensation available to injured people in Idaho. There’s the cost of your medical care and lost wages. It’s a bit harder for commission sales people and the self-employed to deal with a lost wages issue. But, we can deal with it. Also, there is compensation for the pain and suffering; deal with being injured and the hassles for your family. Being able to evaluate those losses is one of the skills an experienced high quality personal injury lawyer/ Brain Injury Lawyer in Idaho can do.  Our goal is to help you move forward and put the injury situation behind you.

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