Settling a Medical Malpractice Case Out of Court

If you are involved in a claim against a medical professional, you might be nervous about going to court. Let the attorneys at Hepworth Holzer explain the options of settling a medical malpractice case out of court. Call today for a free consultation.


Will I be able to settle my medical malpractice case without going to court?


Settling a Medical Malpractice Case Out of Court The question is, can you settle your medical malpractice case without going to court? The answer is that you’ll need an experienced lawyer who has substantial experience with handling medical malpractice cases to do that. An overwhelming majority of the time, you’ll have to file a lawsuit to pursue your medical malpractice case. The question was whether you’ll have to go to court, so my interpretation of the term “going to court” is do I have to file a lawsuit, and the answer to that is there’s a strong likelihood that you will have to file a lawsuit as part of pursuing your case.

Not all medical malpractice cases where lawsuits are filed actually end up going to trial. There are a significant percentage of medical malpractice cases that are filed that do end up going to trial, but not all. Will there be an opportunity to settle the case before going to trial? In most cases, you will have an opportunity to explore settlement. Ultimately, the decision of whether to settle your case or not rests with you, the client, with the benefit of the advice from your lawyer, but it’s not necessary to go to trial in all cases in order to get a satisfying result.

These are complex questions that involve in depth answers and you’ll need very, very experienced and competent representation if you are pursuing a medical malpractice case. At Hepworth Holzer we have a long history of handling medical malpractice cases, and we would love the opportunity to visit with you about your situation and give you the best advice we can.

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