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Medical Malpractice Lawyers Refusing Your Case

Have you been calling around the many attorneys in Boise, ID and want to know why other medical malpractice lawyers are refusing your case? Call our office today and let one of our attorneys explain in detail the ins and outs of an injury claim. We offer free consultations to all residents.


Why won’t medical malpractice lawyers who say they take medical malpractice cases take mine?


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Refusing Your Case If a lawyer handles medical malpractice cases, what would prevent that lawyer from handling your case? That’s a difficult question to answer. For one, make sure you’re talking to a lawyer who handles medical malpractice cases. The question assumes that the lawyer has a background with handling those cases, but that’s very important to begin with. Secondly, there are many reasons why a lawyer with experience handling medical malpractice cases may choose not to handle your case.

There’s not a single answer or even a few answers to that question. It’s complicated and differs from case to case. It is the exceptional medical malpractice case that we’re able to help with because there are a lot of things that go into the determination of whether a case makes sense to pursue that involves medical malpractice. Rather than trying to give you a few answers that may not apply to your situation, you should consult with one or more than one medical malpractice lawyer. If one lawyer who has a history of medical malpractice works tells you they cannot help you, then ask that lawyer for a referral to another medical malpractice lawyer and contact a second lawyer to see whether you get a similar answer to what the first one said.

These are complex cases, and the determination of whether it makes sense to pursue the case is typically a complex determination or certainly can be, so make sure you’re consulting with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. If you have questions about your case that involves medical malpractice issues, please feel free to call Hepworth Holzer Law Firm and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Were you injured due to a doctor’s negligence in Boise and have questions about medical malpractice lawyers refusing your case? Contact our experienced Boise Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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