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Medical Mistakes Require Proven Boise Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Get The Leading Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Idaho

If you’ve been injured by a medical mistake you need medical malpractice attorneys with top skills. Charlie Hepworth leads the team of Idaho’s leading successful lawyers. The experienced Boise medical malpractice lawyers with Hepworth Holzer, LLP, will work to ensure that you receive proper compensation for injuries you received from negligent medical care. No firm in Idaho has more experience, expertise or success representing people like you dealing with a tragedies resulting from medical errors by doctors, nurses and/or hospitals. Death or injury that results from a needless and preventable medical error can be devastating. If you or a loved one has been harmed because of a medical professional’s mistake, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Among others, we handle  medical malpractice claims in the areas of Birth InjurySurgical MistakesMisdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose, & Medication and Prescription Errors

What Is Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence?

Medical professionals, hospitals and other health care facilities must abide by established standards while providing care to patients. A medical malpractice case involves situations which arise when health care professionals fail to provide medical care that complies with recognized standards and results in devastating injuries or death. These can include mistakes made during surgery, medication errors, or misguided care due to a misdiagnoses.

These cases are also referred to a medical mistake cases, medical negligence cases and medical error cases.

Why Get An Initial Free Case Review From Hepworth Holzer?

The lawyers of Hepworth Holzer, LLP, have handled numerous medical malpractice cases over the past 25 years across Idaho and in other states.   We can often give you a quick initial evaluation to help you understand whether proceeding further is worth your time and energy.

Medical malpractice cases are among the most challenging types of cases. There are special rules applicable to these cases that make them harder to pursue.  In short, medical cases are complex, and our expertise is valuable in each step of the process:

  • Helping prospective clients evaluate the merits of their claims;
  • Gathering medical records from doctors, hospitals and other health care facilities;
  • Submitting claims to the Idaho State Board of Medicine for review, as required by state law;
  • Arranging for review of records by highly qualified medical experts who will testify in depositions and at trial, if necessary;
  • Conducting discovery by taking depositions of the defendant doctor, hospital employees, defense experts, etc.;
  • Handling trials and conducting settlement negotiations in an effort to help our clients accomplish their goals

There are important time limitations on your claim, so contact us as soon as possible.

Our History of Extraordinary Medical Malpractice Verdicts & Settlements

The lawyers of Hepworth Holzer have a long history of obtaining exceptional verdicts and settlements for our clients in medical malpractice cases. Some of the verdicts and settlements we have accomplished include:

  • A trial verdict of $7.55 million in a case of hospital negligence resulting in the death of a healthy 40-year-old man;
  • A trial verdict of $6.15 million for the surviving husband and two small children of a 28-year-old woman who died during surgery as a result of errors by multiple people involved with managing a blood replacement process at the conclusion of the orthopedic surgery;
  • A $5 million settlement in 2015 for a woman who suffered paralysis due to failure by the hospital to diagnose a spinal abscess;
  • A trial verdict of $4.2 million in a case against physicians who misdiagnosed a neck fracture, resulting in quadriplegia;
  • A $2.7 million settlement for a young woman who sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of a drug prescription that was excessive; and
  • Numerous settlements in excess of $1 million involving various types of medical negligence scenarios.

Our attorneys have vast experiencing helping victims of medical malpractice collect due restitution.  There are not better Idaho medical malpractice attorneys.

Call Or Contact Us Your Free Medical Malpractice Case Review

With the benefit of our experience and expertise, we will help you determine whether your claims have merit. We will help you understand the legal process available to you to seek compensation for the damages which have resulted from the medical error you or your family has experienced. We will do our best to help you decide on the best course of action for your circumstances.

If you have a medical malpractice claim, consult with a lawyer immediately. There are important time limitations on your claim.

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