New Idaho Law Helps Enforce Insurance Obligation

Check out this new Idaho law that helps enforce insurance obligations in this informative article. If you want to learn more, give us a call!

As with all other states, Idaho requires drivers to be covered by liability insurance.  The motor vehicle responsibility act requires Idaho drivers to have proof of insurance with them in their car.

The newest addition to the law is contained in Idaho Code section 49-1234.   It takes effect on January 1, 2020.  Insurance companies wil now report on who has insurance and the Department of Transportation will be contacting licensed drivers who have registered vehicles that insurance companies do not report as covered.

In a recent press release the Department identified around a couple hundred thousand people that did not show up with insurance among the 1.2 million licensed Idaho Drivers.

ITD has reported a list of more than 100 auto liability insurance companies that are reporting on insured drivers.

The law requires the Transportation Department to contact people who show up as uninsured.   The Transportation Department has information online at . The website provides  forms to fill out to let ITD have a proof of insurance, or letting it know the vehicle is not currently in use. The forms are then emailed, mailed, or faxed to ITD.

Any currently uninsured driver will not have his vehicle registration impacted if insurance is obtained.  But, starting January 1, if a driver shows on the uninsured list for 2 consecutive months the Transportation Department will send a letter to the driver. If a letter is sent the driver get 30 days to provide proof of insurance before the vehicle registration is suspended.

If your vehicle registration does get suspended due to failure to provide proof of insurance, it costs $75 to reinstate it.

Uninsured drivers that hurt others by their negligence will not be eliminated by the new law.  So it will still make sense for you to purchase the largest amount of uninsured (and underinsured) motorist coverage that you can reasonably afford.

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