What Is A Product Liability Case?

Charlie Hepworth answers the question “what is a product liability case” in this episode of our firm podcast.

As Charlie explains, product liability is the term that refers to the legal responsibility for items sold in the marketplace that cause an injury.  Prduct Liability Case, Broken Medical Device CaseHip component cases are an example of a product liability case.  Assume a hip replacement part fractures and has to be removed and replaced.   That results in legal liability of the manufacturer that introduced a defective product into the stream of commerce.  It applies where the product causes an injury to an individual who was the recipient of the product.

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How Do I Know If I Have Product Liability Claim?

The first thing to do is talk to a Product Liability Lawyer Boise ID who specializes in product liability cases. A product liability case is a specialized form of personal injury case. Start with a personal injury attorney and explain that you think you have a product liability case.  Or you believe there was a product that failed and caused you substantial injury. That attorney should be able to tell you whether or not they have the expertise to help you. If they don’t, they could hopefully refer you to a Defective Product Attorney Idaho
who does.   Our firm certainly does this type of work.

Are There Different Types Of Product Liability Cases?

Certainly. They can range from medical products to other things. Let’s say there’s a conveyor belt that doesn’t have the appropriate safety guards in place.  Later a worker interacts with that conveyor belt and suffers a serious injury. Or, let’s say airbag fails and doesn’t protect the occupant of the car as it’s intended to. Any product that fails and results in injury to an individual could be the basis for a product liability case.

What Kind Of Damages Can I Recover In A Product Liability Case?

There are three categories of damages in a medical malpractice or product liability case, both of which are specialized forms of personal injury cases. The types of damages include medical expenses. Both from the time of the incident up until the time of trial as well as medical expenses projected into the future. So, you recover medical expenses and pain and suffering damages, which are non-economic damages. We can recover lost earnings from temporary job displacement, or loss of earnings because that individual can’t return to their normal job. Those are the most common types of damages that are involved in personal injury cases.

How Do I Afford An Attorney To Help Me Out?

Most often with personal injury cases , an attorney provides their services pursuant to a contingent fee. Contingent fee is a term that refers to circumstances where a lawyer will do the work and is not paid until the case is concluded. The lawyer is paid a percentage of the final recovery. If the case is lost, then the client owes nothing to the lawyer because the client is paying a percentage of the ultimate recovery. The most common form of payment is a contingent fee arrangement where it’s a percentage of the recovery that is paid at the conclusion of the case.

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