What Are the Time Limits On An Idaho Personal Injury Claim? (Podcast)

Leading Idaho injury lawyer John Janis discusses the legal time limits on an Idaho personal injury claim or wrongful death claim.

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What are the time limits for bringing personal injury or wrongful death cases?

That’s generally referred to as the statutes of limitations. Under Idaho law, most personal injury or wrongful death cases have to be brought within two years of the time  that the cause of action accrued. To put it simply, a two-year statute of limitations exists in Idaho for personal injury or wrongful death claims.

When Do The Time Limits On An Idaho Personal Injury Claim Begin?

That’s actually a fairly complicated question. There are quite a few cases decided by the Idaho Supreme Court that address this. There are multiple choices a state can make for when a statute of limitations period begins. One of them would be, when the wrongful act occurs. It would apply regardless of when the person figures out they’ve been injured. Another would be to start the statute of limitations when the plaintiff, or the claimant, figures out they’ve been damaged. In a cancer case, for example, if there’s a failure to diagnose cancer, it would often be the case that the claimant has no idea they have cancer and it’s only when they find out that there’s a claim.

Idaho has adopted a middle ground for this in that the statute of limitations, the two-year period, begins to run from the time the plaintiff is injured, or a decedent killed. There is “some damage” from the negligent or otherwise wrongful act. Oddly enough, there are quite a few cases that debate the question, when does some damage accrue? Again, the cancer case would serve as a good illustration.

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Is there a way to extend the deadlines?

The statute of limitations is a 300-pound gorilla of a statute.  It is almost completely unforgiving. If the statute of limitations is blown by even one minute, or one day, then it’s gone. There is nothing you can do about it. That’s why it’s good to get in touch with an Accident Injury Lawyer Boise Idaho  sooner rather than later.

The one, and only way you can extend it before the deadline comes is to reach an agreement with the other side being sued. It’s called tolling the statute of limitations, which is essentially to pretend time does not exist for the period of the tolling agreement. But that would have to be agreed to by the other side. It’s quite unusual, and generally speaking, the easier path to follow is to believe the statute of limitations is two years and get the case filed within the two years.

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