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Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

If you were injured in tractor trailer accident you might be worried how long your claim could take. Contact our Boise office today and learn about your truck accident settlement timeline. Let us fight for you and your family.


How long will my truck accident case take?


Figuring out how long a truck accident collision case in Idaho takes from start to finish can involve complex issues. Because trucking collision cases are more complex than straightforward car collision cases, an accident injury case in Idaho involving a truck might be one that takes longer than you would like it to. Often, they take longer than you would like it to, but that’s the only thing you can do to get full and fair compensation for the injuries that you’ve incurred in this wreck in Idaho with this semi-truck, a commercial vehicle. Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

You have to go through the process of evaluating not just the damages that have been incurred and what the liability of the driver is, but, as a trial attorney who understands these cases, you want to look at issues underlying like why the collision happened and not merely that the collision did happen, not just the truck driver causing the wreck but why he caused the wreck. Was he overtired? Was he carrying a load he shouldn’t carry? Was he sent to a place he shouldn’t have been sent? Many things need to be looked at, so that can make these cases take longer, when dealing with trucking cases in Idaho, than other ordinary cases.

What you want is somebody who will diligently pursue your case and get a result for you for full and fair compensation for your losses as quickly as reasonably possible. We’re happy to talk to you about these types of things, just give us a call.

Were you in a crash in Boise and have questions about a truck accident settlement timeline? Contact our experienced Boise Truck Accident Lawyers at Hepworth Holzer today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We are committed to helping individuals and families throughout Idaho navigate the world of personal injury litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us get results for you and your family.

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