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Motorcycle Accident Case Value

Are you concerned about not being able to pay your bills because of a motorcycle accident? Contact our office to speak to one of our Boise injury lawyers to learn how much your case is worth. We offer free consultations to help injured residents learn about their motorcycle accident case value.


How do you determine the value of my motorcycle accident claim?


Motorcycle Accident Case Value How does one determine the value of a motorcycle claim in Idaho is a question that has convoluted answers and involves a number of factors. The bottom line of it is the value of a personal injury claim involving a motorcycle accident under Idaho law really boils down to predicting what a jury will do with it if the case went to trial. You are entitled to recover we know both economic and noneconomic damages. The type of economic damages you’re able to pursue include your medical expenses. That’s, of course, all damages are for past and future so all medical expenses you have incurred or all those that you will incur to a reasonable degree of probability in the future. You’re also entitled to recover as a form of economic damage if you have sustained a loss of wages or employment benefit or what’s sometimes referred to as wager incapacity, your ability to make a wage. Those fall under the category of economics, and again, those, too, are past and future, and any other special expenses that are directly related to the motorcycle crash. If you have to go travel pretty far to get some kind of treatment, then the cost associated with having to travel, those, too, would fall under the economic damages category. It takes an experienced lawyer to try to put all that together and to hire the right people and talk to the right people about maximizing whatever those economic damages are, in order to be realistic as to what they will be.

The other type of damage you’re entitled to pursue is the more unpredictable type. That is the noneconomic damages. That is things you’ve probably heard referenced as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life. Basically, it’s the type of damages for which you cannot put a specific dollar value on, but of course, represents probably the biggest part of your claim because serious injury has a serious impact on people’s quality of lives, and sometimes permanently so. In order to pursue such a claim and try to get what is a real reasonable value that equates with the gravity of the harm done, you need to have a lawyer on your side who has the experience of actually having pursued such claims successfully to the very end, like in a jury trial. There are people out there, lawyers, that will tell you they have the experience of handling such claims when they haven’t actually been in trial much or at all. It’s really a requirement to have somebody who has that experience in your camp because the other side certainly has experienced counsel in their camp. If you have such a claim, you can sit down with the lawyers and talk more about the subject of what is the value of the claim. The noneconomic damages component is very unpredictable. It’s just a matter of what a particular jury is going to award you in the way of damages. It takes experienced counsel to present that in the most effective manner that ultimately comes down to your benefit and maximizes the value of your claim. If you have such a claim, you want experienced trial lawyers on your behalf. Our firm is one of if not the most experienced firms with actual trial lawyer experience. If you have such a claim, please feel free to call our firm because we have a lot of legal horsepower here and we’re all pursuing the same type of cases and same type of work. If you have such a claim, please call us any time.

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