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How Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

Are you wondering how motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in Idaho? Give one of our dedicated Boise lawyers a call to explain how our experience can bring you the compensation you deserve for your damages. We offer free consultations to all injured residents.


How are motorcycle accident claims different from auto accident claims?


How Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Accidents In Idaho, motorcycle accident claims are different than two other types of vehicles. The number one thing you would say is the motorcycle driver, of course, is much more exposed to serious injuries if involved in a crash. They may have a helmet on but they don’t have the protection of the vehicle around them to protect them from serious injury. The first thing you would say that would distinguish motorcycle accident claims is you’re likely looking at very serious injuries. If you’re watching this video, that might mean that you have been in an accident and you have had serious injuries, and for that, I’m sorry you’ve had that experience and continuing to have that experience. Another thing that separates motorcycle accidents from other car wreck or truck car wrecks or bicycle stuff is that insurance companies who represent the people who are at fault, they always, it seems, look to place blame on the motorcyclist. It’s very common for insurance companies to hear the claim rising out of a motorcycle accident to automatically assume it’s the motorcycle driver’s fault.

If you have such a claim, you need to have serious legal experience on your side. They’re going to have serious legal experience on their side and you want the benefit of having someone in your camp who has the experience of actually going and pursuing such claims in front of juries under Idaho law. It’s a claim that takes a lot of legal horsepower to pursue and overcome the insurance companies’ bias against motorcyclist. If you have such a claim, our firm has been doing this for over 50 years. My personal self has had many motorcycle claims that I’ve pursued successfully and done jury trial successfully. We have a lot of legal horsepower at this firm that can all be brought to bear to present your claim in the most effective manner possible. If you have such a claim, please feel free to call me personally any time or any of the other lawyers in our firm. We all are working together pursuing the same common goal for your benefit.

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