Life After a Truck Accident

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Case Value

Life After a Truck AccidentDetermining the value of a personal injury claim, a truck accident injury claim in particular, can be a complex thing. Truck accident injuries often can be perceived as having greater value for the same amount of damages because all of us who are on the roads have special concerns about heavy trucks, semi-trucks, and the dangers that they pose to us and our families, so you want to go through the process of evaluating all the issues.

There are straightforward issues like economic loss, lost income and those types of things that arise from an injury after a semi-truck accident, or things like replacing your car and the property damage that’s incurred. Then, of course, you have your medical expenses and the issues related to what the value of medical expenses are; all in all, however, those economic losses are more straightforward. Given the scope of your injury, those economic losses may become bigger because we have to figure out what the long-term cost of care is for the damage imposed upon you in this Idaho trucking collision case, that you have to incur those costs in the future, and how do you have enough resources set aside from the damages recovered to pay for those costs in the future.

Then, of course, there’s the more complex arena of damages like what’s been taken from you. What have you experienced? What are your losses? If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident collision in Idaho, your friends aren’t going to call you and say, “How much are your medical bills? What are your future medical expenses going to be?” They’re going to ask you the important questions, “How are you? How are you getting along? How’s your family? What’s going on in your recovery and getting back to your ordinary life?” Those are the important damage questions, and there’s no hard and fast calculation that you can use to figure out that value. Those are the things that experience Idaho trucking accident lawyers can bring to bear, is figuring out those things, figuring out what a fair value is and talking to a jury, if a case needs to go to trial, about what they should authorize in compensation and award of damages based on the injuries that you personally have incurred.

Every Idaho trucking accident case needs to be looked at from the perspective of that injured person because that injured person is the one really experiencing the losses, and everybody’s losses can be different. If you want to talk about these things, if you want us to help review and evaluate your case, we’re at the other end of the phone.

Settlement Timeline

Figuring out how long a truck accident collision case in Idaho takes from start to finish can involve complex issues. Because trucking collision cases are more complex than straightforward car collision cases, an accident injury case in Idaho involving a truck might be one that takes longer than you would like it to. Often, they take longer than you would like it to, but that’s the only thing you can do to get full and fair compensation for the injuries that you’ve incurred in this wreck in Idaho with this semi-truck, a commercial vehicle.

You have to go through the process of evaluating not just the damages that have been incurred and what the liability of the driver is, but, as a trial attorney who understands these cases, you want to look at issues underlying like why the collision happened and not merely that the collision did happen, not just the truck driver causing the wreck but why he caused the wreck. Was he overtired? Was he carrying a load he shouldn’t carry? Was he sent to a place he shouldn’t have been sent? Many things need to be looked at, so that can make these cases take longer, when dealing with trucking cases in Idaho, than other ordinary cases.

What you want is somebody who will diligently pursue your case and get a result for you for full and fair compensation for your losses as quickly as reasonably possible.

Insurance Investigation

One thing you’ll quickly learn if you’re involved in a collision with a semi-truck is the insurance company is going to reach out to you. They’re not reaching out to you to help you. They’re not trying to give you a hand. They’re trying to take advantage of you. You need to understand that talking to the insurance company after an Idaho trucking collision case is generally a mistake, and it is certainly a mistake to do so without first consulting with your own attorney who has your interests in mind, as opposed to the truck driver’s trucking company and the insurance company’s interests in mind, because that’s what the insurance company for that trucker has in mind when they are trying to reach out and talk to you about your Idaho trucking collision case.

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