3 Traumatic Brain Injury Facts

Did you or a loved one experience a serious injury to the head? Read these 3 traumatic brain injury facts, then contact our Boise lawyers now.

TBI Case Timeline

3 Traumatic Brain Injury FactsHow long do traumatic brain injury cases take to resolve in Idaho, meaning how long after you hire us do we think it will be resolved? It really depends on when you talk to us and when you become medically stable. With a traumatic brain injury, someone can have very severe symptoms for months and months and months. These symptoms could even last for the rest of your life. That might be permanent. Your ambulation might be impaired. Your short-term thinking might be impaired. There are many different things that a brain injury can cause.

The big question is, when do we know when you have recovered? That recovery may be that you have permanent symptoms. The big question in the traumatic brain injury as to when will the case be resolved depends on how our client does. We’ve had clients who six months after an accident have essentially returned to normal. We’ve had clients who 12 months after an accident show significant improvement. We’ve also had clients who don’t recover entirely.

The big question is most neurologists, most neurosurgeons tell us that 12 months after a brain injury, you have made your major recovery. There can be some additional recovery after that, but usually, it’s 12 months after your injury. The answer is usually we know 12 months later and will be able to try to get the case resolved for you after that. Could be earlier, could be a little later, but usually, it’s about 12 months. If you have any questions about traumatic brain injuries, please give us a call because we’d love to talk to you.

TBI Recoverable Damages

What damages can be recovered in a traumatic brain injury case in Idaho? The answer to that question is it’s largely the same as most other injury cases. Although, usually with a traumatic brain injury case, in our experiences with clients, there’s a form of disability or a lost wage in the future that can factor in. The reason for that is because, frequently, our clients who have traumatic brain injuries are fatigued every day. They’re exhausted. They can’t do the same processing they could in the past.

We had a client who had a chiropractic manipulation. His vertebral artery was severed, and he stroked¬– a type of traumatic brain injury. He was someone who worked with his hands. He went back to his profession and it was incredibly difficult. What we learned was he was not going to be able to be a foreman in that position anymore, and he didn’t really have that capacity. He had a significant claim for lost earning capacity, the amount he’d be able to earn the rest of his life, and he was a fairly young guy.

Lost earning capacity is one thing you’re able to recover, as well as any medical bills associated with the brain injury. Then, of course, there’s the general damages, which are the emotional and physical pain and suffering that you have been through. All of those things will be considered when determining what is recoverable in a traumatic brain injury case. If you have any questions at all about this information, please feel free to give us a call because we’re happy to talk to people about it.

What You Should Know About a TBI Cases

We get one question often: What is a traumatic brain injury? We have many clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. It usually happens a couple of different ways. It can happen from a stroke, where there’s a blood clot to the brain and part of the brain dies. We’ve seen this in chiropractic manipulations of the neck, where the vertebral artery is dissected, meaning it’s cut, and a blood clot forms and stops blood flow to the brain.

We often see it in car accident cases; it’s not always in the most serious of car accidents. It’s not always in the accident that you see on TV where you have a mangled car. It happens in lower impact cases, as well. What happens is, typically, through trauma, the brain is joggled around inside the skull. It’s a fairly sensitive organ of the body, and different connectors inside the brain are cut off, sheared by the traumatic injury.

Those are the two main ways we see traumatic brain injuries in our cases. If you have any questions about a traumatic brain injury, please feel free to give our office a call. We’re happy to talk to you.

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