4 Product Liability Questions

Have you or a loved one been injured and have questions? Check out these 4 product liability questions and give our office in Boise a call today.

1. Are there different types of product liability cases?

4 Product Liability QuestionsThere are different types of product liability cases. The best answer to that question is there are a variety of products that can cause or can lead to pursuing a product liability claim. Here are a few examples. Let’s say that you’ve had a hip replacement surgery and you’ve never done well with that hip replacement and you read of have reason to believe otherwise that there could be a problem with the hardware or the medical device that was used during the hip replacement surgery. That would be a specific type of product liability case that involves medical devices that have failed. Frankly, those types of cases are occurring all over the country. It is a pretty common type of product liability case that is being litigated all over the country. Our law firm has handled many of those cases and could help you with determining whether you have a viable case of any type that involves a medical device.

There are other types of product liability cases. For example, cases that involved medical problems related to taking a drug. Many of you may have read about or seen advertisements on TV related to drug litigation. Those are product liability cases. Drug related product liability cases are very expensive cases. It’s probably not practical to handle a single or even a few drug product liability cases where typically the lawyers handling cases involving a drug failure would be handling them as part of a class action lawsuit. Again, if you have questions related to your particular situation, and whether it’s drug related, medical device related, machine related, what have you, our law firm is experienced with handling product liability cases. We can answer your questions, give you some competent guidance, and help you if it falls within something that we have expertise with. Just as important, we give you good guidance on what you need to do if it isn’t something our law firm can help you with. Feel free to give our law firm, the Hepworth Holzer law firm, a call and we’ll help you in any way we can.

2. Are there time limits that apply to product liability cases?

Are there time limits that apply to product liability cases in Idaho? This is a pretty complex question. A general rule that applies to personal injury cases and therefore arguably to product liability cases in Idaho is you have two years from the date of injury to pursue your product liability claim. Again, that’s a general rule and there are exceptions. This is a topic that underscores the importance of talking to a knowledgeable attorney who will recognize the complexity of the question related to the time limitations for pursuing a product liability claim. Make sure you talk to a knowledgeable and experienced product liability lawyer because time limitations on cases are very important topics. If you go beyond the time limit for a case before you pursue the case, you can prevent it legally from pursuing the case. With a question that is as important as that, consult your lawyer, and make sure you’re consulting a lawyer who is knowledgeable and who you have confidence is giving you good advice. For questions like that, you’re welcome to call the Hepworth Holzer law firm and we’ll meet with you and discuss your case with you and answer questions like that.

3. Can I settle a products liability claim outside of court?

How do you settle a product liability case outside of court in Idaho? The simple answer to that question is that to be successful with settling a product liability claim in Idaho you want to start with hiring a highly qualified knowledgeable product liability lawyer. Once you’ve hired an experienced, knowledgeable product liability lawyer, your lawyer will know the steps to take in order to evaluate your case, in order to help you identify the experts necessary to prove your case and to take the steps. Whether it involves contacting the manufacturer to explore a resolution to the case or whether it involves filing a lawsuit to begin the process of pursuing a case. It’s important to understand that if you file a lawsuit, that does not necessarily mean that your case will go to trial. Filing the lawsuit is the start of the lawsuit process. Many cases where a lawsuit has been filed will resolve through a settlement before the case goes to trial. Again, the most important part of that answer is hire an experienced, capable product liability lawyer and they can give you the representation you need in order to explore settling your case before it goes to trial. If you have questions like that or other questions related to product liability cases, give us a call at Hepworth Holzer and we will be happy to help you.

4. How do I choose the right product liability attorney?

The question is how to go about selecting the right lawyer for a product liability case. I’d say the most important consideration as far as picking the right lawyer for a product liability case is you want a lawyer who is experienced with handling personal injury cases because a product liability case is a specialized form of a personal injury case. Personal injury is a broader group of cases. Personal injuries can occur in a variety of ways. For a product liability personal injury case, you certainly want a lawyer who at least has experience with personal injuries. Optimally, you would like to have a lawyer who has significant experience with product liability cases. Now, even again within the general category of product liability cases, there are a number of different types of product liability cases and it may well be necessary to find a lawyer who specializes in the exact type of product failure that was the cause of your injury. That may require going to a national firm but it would be best to start locally because there are a lot of advantages to having a lawyer from your own jurisdiction, in this case, Boise, Idaho, or the jurisdiction of Idaho, to help you with your case. If you have questions about the possibility of a product liability case and you’d like to talk to a lawyer with experience, please give the Hepworth Holzer law firm, a call and one of us will be happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can.

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