Bike Accident Insurance Investigation Process

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Is it a good idea to speak with the insurance company after a bicycle accident during the bike accident insurance investigation process?


Bike Accident Insurance Investigation ProcessIdaho insurance companies will almost always reach out after your bicycle accident to talk to you. One of the things they’ll tell you is that you need to give them a statement. I can tell you right now that that’s a mistake. You do not want to just give a written or oral statement to one of these insurance companies. Why is that? It’s because they’re not looking to help you. They’re looking to use something against you. They’re looking for you to say something that they can use to minimize the amount of money that they are ultimately going to pay. They will minimize it down to zero if they can.

Like many, cyclists injured by a car want to treat the system fairly. They think that they should just be able to explain what happened and accept responsibility, even though they did nothing wrong. That insurance company is going to use that statement against them one hundred percent of the time. The insurance company for the driver of the vehicle that caused personal injury to you on your bicycle in Idaho has no obligation whatsoever to you. They can mislead you. They can lie to you. They can misdirect you.

It’s very important, before you ever talk to an insurance company, to talk to a good trial attorney about your case. Give us a call and let us help you understand your situation before you go and talk to the insurance company. Talking to the insurance company without being prepared is a mistake every time. If you have any questions about this, give us a call here at the firm and let us talk to you about your situation.

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful bike accident and the surest way to ensure that you have the best chance at getting the results that you deserve is to get strong representation. We know how to navigate these cases inside and out. This is second nature to us. We care deeply about the success of our clients’ cases. We will protect you against the predatory behaviors of the insurance company. We know that you deserve that protection of your rights and we don’t give up.

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