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What You Should Know About a TBI Case

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What is important to know about a Traumatic Brain Injury in Idaho?


What You Should Know About a TBI Cases We get one question often: What is a traumatic brain injury? We have many clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. It usually happens a couple of different ways. It can happen from a stroke, where there’s a blood clot to the brain and part of the brain dies. We’ve seen this in chiropractic manipulations of the neck, where the vertebral artery is dissected, meaning it’s cut, and a blood clot forms and stops blood flow to the brain.

We often see it in car accident cases; it’s not always in the most serious of car accidents. It’s not always in the accident that you see on TV where you have a mangled car. It happens in lower impact cases, as well. What happens is, typically, through trauma, the brain is joggled around inside the skull. It’s a fairly sensitive organ of the body, and different connectors inside the brain are cut off, sheared by the traumatic injury. Those are the two main ways we see traumatic brain injuries in our cases. If you have any questions about a traumatic brain injury, please feel free to give our office a call. We’re happy to talk to you.

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