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Slip and Fall Case Factors

Are you wondering if slip and fall factors are different depending on the case? Watch this video to learn about slip and fall case factors and then call our office.


Are slip and fall cases different in Idaho depending on the facts?


Slip and Fall Case Factors The answer to this question is absolutely yes. We receive lots of slip and fall cases. We represented a woman recently who was running in Boise. She was running on the sidewalks in a neighborhood. It was early in the morning, before light, so it was dark out and she had a headlamp on. She was running on a sidewalk by a construction site where a house was being built. The contractor had put a rope across the sidewalk at about her shin level. Of course, since it’s dark, so she doesn’t see it. She goes down, breaks both of her wrists and needs surgery on one of them.

This is an excellent slip and fall case because the defendant’s conduct is not really excusable. He should have foreseen that people might fall on this. Her conduct is good because you wouldn’t expect her to see, in the dark, a rope across the road at about shin level. We’ve handled other cases like that, too. What we try to provide for you is the best advice we can give you because, in a slip and fall case, you could lose the case. A jury could determine that you’re at fault, and the person you believe is at fault is not. For example, if you are just walking down the sidewalk and trip and fall, which we all do, and it’s not due to the negligence of someone else, then you might not have a case. That’s the big question in a slip and fall case – did the person that you think did something wrong really do something wrong? If you have any questions about slip and fall cases in Idaho, please feel free to give us a call. These are things we deal with all the time, and we can give you the best advice that we are able to give.

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