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Pedestrian Accident Case Timeline

Were you or a loved one hurt by a car and have questions about pedestrian accident case timeline? Watch this video, then call our office in Boise.


How long is it going to take to resolve my pedestrian accident injury claim in Idaho?


Pedestrian Accident Case Timeline How long does it take to resolve my pedestrian injury claim in Idaho? The answer to that is it depends. It depends on the extent of your injury and the speed of your recovery, as well as the defenses that the driver’s insurance may think they have. These cases sometimes resolve rather quickly, but most cases do not. The reason for that is when a car strikes a person, the injuries are often very substantial. As you might imagine, when you’re substantially injured, it takes your body longer to recover. In our practice here at Hepworth Holzer, we’re not in the business of running cases in so that we can run them out for the quickest possible settlement. We’re interested in the fullest possible recovery. It’s important that you understand you only get one opportunity to resolve your case. We want to make sure that occurs after the full extent of your damages are completed. How long does it take? When we know when you will be better, then we can tell you when we think we can have your case done. In Idaho, there’s a two-year statute of limitations for most people. We can always file a lawsuit if we approach that two years. If the case goes to trial, obviously, that takes longer. We can answer all those questions and help you through the process. If you’ve been hit as a pedestrian in Idaho, check in with the lawyers at Hepworth Holzer. We’ve done this many times.

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