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Bicycle Accident Claim Timeline

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How long will it take to resolve my bicycle accident claim?


Bicycle Accident Claim Timeline One of the things people are regularly concerned about when they’ve suffered an injury accident on their bicycle is how long the case is going to take. How long is it going to take to resolve my injury accident claim? It really depends. It depends on a lot of things. It depends on where it was, for one. It depends on the scope of your injuries, too. We want to understand fully what your injuries were. We want to make sure that you’ve fully recovered and reached a level of maximum medical improvement, where we know how you are and we know how you’re doing.

We can resolve things related to the damage to your bicycle itself pretty quickly, but as far as how long it’s going to take, it can take quite awhile for some cases. If the insurance company is unfair or if the driver is trying to fight their claim and say what they did wrong wasn’t really wrong, you end up having to go to court. It can be quickly or it can take a long time; it depends on the facts in your situation. If you have any questions about your accident claim and how long it might take in Idaho, just call us at the firm. We’re all happy to talk to you about your claim and what the process might be in your situation.  

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