Investigations for Drunk Driving Accidents

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How can I learn what establishment served the alcohol that led to the impaired driver?


Investigations for Drunk Driving AccidentsAre you concerned about the investigations for drunk driving accidents? One of the most frustrating issues in a claim involving a drunk driver who has caused a collision in Idaho is often figuring out where that driver consumed the alcohol. Idaho law allows a claim against a bar (called a dram shop, under the law) that over-serves a driver who goes out and injures somebody on the roadway. They also allow a claim like that against a social host, a private person who provided that alcohol. The question arises of where it was and how to figure it out. The person who knows that is the drunk. If that drunk is being prosecuted for the drunk driving collision in Idaho that hurt you, they’re not going to tell you. You need to have somebody involved in your case early that can use some persuasive tools and is hopefully working with the lawyers for the drunk driver to find out that information.

Why is all this so important? It’s important because you only have 180 days, from the day that the injury occurs, to put the dram shop or the social host on notice that you intend to pursue a claim against them for their actions in over-serving the drunk that hurt you on the roads of Idaho. Finding that out can be a very significant matter in making sure that you get full, fair, and complete compensation for losses imposed on you by this drunk driver in this collision. This can be a very difficult process, and the sooner the process starts, the better. I encourage you to give us a call as soon as possible so we can make sure that we can protect this aspect of your claim against the bar.

The compensation that you could receive can be significant and making sure that you have the right lawyers by your side can give you the best chance at justice as possible. You may receive compensation for the property damage to your vehicle and anything else that was damaged during the accident, including a smart phone if it gets ruined in the crash. You can receive economic damages that include all of your medical bills and fees related to your injuries from the drunk driving accident. You can also receive non economic damages if you have pain and suffering related to the accident.

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